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Acting : Any words of wisdom? by Destinee RaeAnn Muller

Destinee RaeAnn Muller

Any words of wisdom?

Hello all! My name is Destinee RaeAnn and I am seventeen years old. I am still getting the hang of the website, but in short I am an actress that's looking for short indie projects or fun stuff to be apart of. Mainly, I would just love to learn as much as I can in the field. I have done a bunch of community theatre in my area, both on stage and backstage. It really is a passion of mine, and I am just trying to figure out how to be successful in making my dreams come true! Everyone in the community seems very helpful and kind, I look forward to chatting with any of you and am open to anything you have to offer!

Jethro Randell

Hi there. The best advice anyone gave me was keep active in your profession. Keep your skills in tune and maybe have a little room for improvement. Even if it's the worst quality you've ever seen. Never be afraid to make mistakes, you learn from them (and from other people's mistakes). Get active and keep active. Make contacts and friends along the way. If they can help you further down the road, good, if not, you've still made friends. But the main thing is, never give it up. People might say "go and get a proper job" when they actually mean "go and get any old boring job and be miserable like the rest of us". You are living the dream they aren't and that makes the jealous. Persistence and motivation are the keys to success. Without them, you can't achieve anything. Hope this helps.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi totally agree with Jethro in comment above. Follow your passions, you have both talent and youth on your side. I've never seen the name Destinee before, beautiful sound, I will definitely be using it in a script. HAPPY WEEKEND.

Dave McCrea

Hi Destinee. It sounds like you love all aspects of theatre, my advice is go to the best college you can and try to figure out as early as you can what part of it most suits you and you most enjoy, but also which skill people most think you are best at. If people love your acting, you're an actor. If they don't, you're not. If people think you have a knack for sets, then do sets. It behooves you to go to New York right after college and have a CLEAR career path - otherwise people won't know what your focus is. You realize that New York theatre is mostly musicals? So figure out if you can sing/dance and want to be a musical actor or instead want to be a dramatic theatre/film/TV actor. If it's the second one, while in college, try to do as much on-camera stuff as you can so you have a reel by the time you graduate. ALSO very important while in college, get a job at the best restaurant in that town and learn about wine and stuff. Or teach a spinning class at a gym. Get some day-job experience that will translate to the New York market so that you can support yourself while you pursue your dreams. Don't work retail or in an office, neither are suitable for showbiz.

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