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Francesco Palma

Audiobook narrator searching

Hello to everybody, I'm a 24 yo guy and I'm searchin for a good voice (male or female doesen't matter) to narrate some books that I have.

I'm searchin for people that are ready to start as soon as possible and that are ready to start good collaborations.

Send me request and I will give you all the particular if u are interested.

Waitin for ur answers people :D

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Francesco. Again, this may be better placed on the Jobs board found in the upper menu bar: That’s where members post various “want ads” or submission requests, paid or not paid. The Lounge craft and business forums are for topic discussion. Best to you and good luck with your search. ;)

Francesco Palma

Ok Beth thank you, where should I post exactly my research? In which category

Beth Fox Heisinger

Ah, research? Perhaps keep your own files and records. Generally, comments from any interested people or any further information from you may be posted on your Job board post. Also, you can certainly post and share information, links, photos, videos, websites, etc, on your S32 profile page. Any self-promotion or solicitation is placed in Your Stage. Just read descriptions at the top of each forum for any needed clarity. ;) Best wishes on all your creative endeavors!

Chad Stroman

If you can't find audiobook people on Stage32. Librivox is specifically a forum for people looking for and people wanting to become, audiobook voice actors.

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