Acting : Audition by Aaron Phifer

Aaron Phifer


auditioning this saturday. wish me luck. this my first one since moving out here a few weeks ago.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

No luck needed Aaron, go for it! 100

Johanna Marshall

Just believe in yourself Aaron............

Edward A Haynes Jr

Break a leg and knock 'em dead, Aaron!

Brian Heath

Break a leg Aaron, stay busy.

Candice O'Hart

Good luck! I went to very few auditions but when I walked in the room I had a big smile on my face and almost sang "Hello." It brightened everyone in the room up and they paid more attention instead of looking at the papers in front of them.

Niecy C.

Break stuff!

Jordan Earle

Good luck hope it goes well for you

David Gielan

You got this!

Gary Craig

Kill it brother!

Aaron Phifer

thanks everyone. I was selected. this was my first audition since moving to california 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to more projects

Padma Narayanaswamy


Donna Marteeny


Naomi Lisner

Break a leg!

Erik Niel

Do it.

Marcus 'iCreate' Springer

Good luck.

Beka I Am

Break Legs!

Tabitha Baumander

break a leg

Luigi A J Lorfils

Go get'em!

Dave Stair

Good For you. Hope it went well.

Eric Ramsey

good luck AARON

Wayne G Sweat

Break a leg!

Goran Banyai

New to Stage 32. I'd like to wish you luck. It takes courage and belief in going through the audition process, which in itself is a great opportunity to learn and hone your skills as an actor.

Jesse James

Good luck to you sir.

Kristina Hughes

Here's a cool free webinar that will give you an 'Audition Game Plan' ~Kristina New Comedy Demo Reel:

Shannon Ratigan

Hi Aaron, Many of us have an audition routine or ritual. Here's mine:

Kristina Hughes

Hi Shannon & all. Just read through your detailed blog post. I'd love for you to take a look at the webinar above. I think there are some things we cover that might be additionally helpful for you. Loved watching your comedy demo reel! Hope to see you on set, ~Kristina

Donna Marteeny

best of luck to you, Aaron

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