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Tony Fisher

Audition Attire

Hello all, So one question I always ask the casting director before an audition "do you want me to wear anything in-particular?". If they say yes and give me the details, great; but on most occasions there are not specific requirements. This always leave me wondering what is appropriate for the audition, found this little guide that points you in the general direction.

Auditioning: The Dos & Don'ts Of Audition Attire
Auditioning: The Dos & Don'ts Of Audition Attire
Clothing can be a ridiculously stressful thing to deal with before you go in for an audition. You have enough to worry about with trying to give your best performance possible in the room, so your clo…
JD Hartman

Who is Eugene? I'm familiar with NYFA and have worked with their film students, but.... Kind of thought the article was very vanilla, it doesn't really say much at all. While it's true that if your auditioning for a character role like a pirate you don't want to come in costumed like Blackbeard, but you don't want to dress like a Wall Street banker either. You might want to tailor your attire for the audition to slightly suggest the role you are going for. You want to stand out from the others auditioning, not be a clone of them.

Regina Lee

Tony, if you have time check out Uma's free chat with RB. I don't think they talk about attire, but they go over other useful tips!

Zedrick Restauro

It depends on the project. For commercials they usually specify if they want you to come in wearing a suit, business attire, casual, etc. Never wear anything that strobes on the camera like patterns that are too complicated. For TV especially comedies, say multi-cam, I go in wearing brighter colors. Always do your best to stay true to your interpretation of the character and dress how that character would. Always do your research. Hope this helps.

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