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Yelrihs Carrillo

Audition help!

For an audition, should I walk in as the character (and stay in character throughout) or should I introduce myself and then get into character? Any suggestions? What do casting directors prefer? What do actors do and why?

Phil Garrelhas

Hi Yelrihs! Now, I'm no pro, but I always go into an audition as myself. Casting directors will want to see that you can get into character quickly.. :)

Yelrihs Carrillo

Thanks, Phil! I'm hearing the same thing from other actors as well. I appreciate your input and I'm glad you're in my network! Have a good night :-)

Sam Vanivray

Based on what I've read about auditions and experienced myself is you want to yourself. And it should be the upbeat version of yourself. Even if you're feeling down, bring yourself up; if you've got problems, leave them outside of the audition and the set. You want to get across that you will be good to work with on the set, whereas the character may be a complete psychopath.

Peter Van Der Stoep

Hi Yelrihs (beautiful name by the way)....Just be yourself. Thats the best advice I can give you. If you stay yourself it will not matter what you choose at a audition. An audition is just a moment when you have to show what you made off. Just be yourself.

Andrew Gruffudd

Hi Shirley - just be yourself, and then get into character. After all, the director will be doing business with you, not your character. Your character doesn't have to meet the bills...

Nathyn Masters

I prefer the actor to be themselves until the actual audition, but I do love it when they dress the part. Almost everyone that's ever come dressed as a character has gotten the part, provided they could act and no one did it better then them. LOL.

Thea Samuelson

That's a great questions. An actor should always leave a good impression in an audition room but do it with your talent and especially your ability to take direction rather than overplaying yourself.

Erik Gonzales

Great question! I've always been taught to enter and leave the audition room as yourself, never the character.

Mike Chinea

Ask the CD what she prefers. Coming in as yourself and then getting into character can show range and even if you do not get the part they may put you in their Rolodex for future projects. And dress business casual, that seems to work best most of the time.

Lori Johnson

Lots of good advice, be an upbeat form of yourself, introduce yourself, state your agents name (if you have one) and they will direct you on what to do, do your best to throw yourself into the character during audition, thank them when they are done (out of character), if possible get an address of the casting director and send a thank you card to them. You may not get this part but this may help you down the road when that casting director remembers you because of your audition and the thank you card helps them to remember you and possible cast you in a different role in the future. I do agree to try and dress the part, no RED,BLACK or WHITE ever unless otherwise directed before hand. Always good to bring a variety of clothes (a few changes) and let them choose.

Benn Allsop

Yes indeed Go as Yourself. The Casting Directors Usually Want to See Actors as themselves to see their own personality. Possibly Dressing the Part May be a better move. it helps them see you as that part and they can still see YOUR personality as well. so its a win win :) and it shows your commitment and prior research of the role.

Chad A Fehr

Like everyone else here, I say go as yourself. My reasoning for that is that its great for the casting director to see the change from you to your role. I agree with Benn as well that for many parts its good to dress the part (though give this second thoughts if auditioning for a period piece or uniformed role).

J. Brian

Well, said, KaZ. I'm not the pro that she is, but I've supervised auditions for all of my productions and I've never been impressed with the yokel who comes in acting the role before we ask them to do so. It screams desperation. Be yourself, because, no matter how many people can successfully play the role you're auditioning for, NOBODY can be you (eeww... that sounds way too much like an "After School Special") The audition is your job interview and the boss wants to see if you're the right fit, and that includes being who you are.

Robert P. Davenport II

Good suggestions from those who have responded, I think it important to remember the audition is for a professional actor, an actor who will be able to apply their skills in concert with the vision of the director, and sometimes producer & writer. I find it far better to view auditions from actors who can adapt to the situation and the other actors they are working with. Unless it's a one person show it's important that the CD see the person for whom they will support to get the job will be a valuable asset and component of the team of actors an other professionals who will collaborate on the project. If you come into an audition as the character as you see them and it is not the vision the CD has you have just missed an opportunity. Be fast on your feet and observant of your surroundings and what the others actors are doing, if someone goes off script try and go with it and see where it might lead. Actors are the essential elements needed to make a director or writer's vision come to life, show them you have the skills to take their directions and breathe life and passion into it.

Anthony Donnelly

I concur with all of the above... A good tip, look at interviews with actors as themselves, then compare that to their performances (you'll notice the difference!) The ability to transcend yourself into the character, is what makes great movies and theater possible. Break a leg!

Patrick Stephan Marshall

The way you interpret the character and the director interprets the character may be very different and it is a good idea to be flexible enough to get into the character on the spot and be able to changer nuances if needed. Part of a good acting skill (from my PoV) is how fast you can get in and out of character.

Ryan Harshbarger

As someone that has done casting, I suggest you come in as yourself. If you can show that you're able to go right into the character and then go right back to yourself, it does help.

Yelrihs Carrillo

Hi everyone, Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I have taken into consideration all of them when I'm at my auditions and I have to say that I feel much more confident when I'm there. I appreciate everyone's response to my question!!!

Gary Brichetto

You must be yourself, how else do you show them you can act? Good directors want to know what you're all about before you go into character. In fact, good directors will give you direction in the audition just to see if you can take direction and adapt your character. They don't want be stuck with an actor who can't adapt.

Ryan Harshbarger

Exactly Gary, that's what I was going for with my comment. I've set through rigorous auditions, watching and waiting. The biggest mistake that most make is "they come in as the character they've conceived." "When in fact most directors may have a completely different vision of the character." Come in as yourself and "take direction."

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