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Audition websites

Hello fellow artists! I'm wondering if any of you have recommendations on legit sites to find auditions/receive casting calls? I made an account with Actors Access, and also have been using I considered signing up for Backstage but I'm not sure (yet) how credible they are! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Anthony Battelle This one is the most legit. To submit yourself to the breakdowns, you will need a showfax account. about $65.00 a year I think

Beverly Leech

The legitimate sites are Actors Access, Casting Networks & Casting Frontier (especially for commercials). Both Backstage and NOW Casting are also legitimate profile platforms for the actor. The rest can be iffy - either hosting old breakdowns of projects that have already been cast, OR the breakdowns are legit but the site is a scam and your self-submissions never make it to the casting office. With Actors Access, the self-submissions are about $2 per project, and with a subscription to Showfax, they're free. Showfax is $68 (not $65) a year and worth the investment for me. When I get an audition, then I'm able to download and print the sides from Showfax. Just depends upon your stage of career and budget. All of the legitmate sites I mentioned above also have means and access to sides and services. Decide which part of the industry you'd like to concentrate upon, then choose. Actors Access is a must for TV/Film, Casting Networks & Casting Frontier for commercials, etc.. It gets confusing, I know, because all of them host breakdowns for projects across all mediums. Backstage is the traditional go-to for stage, too, but you can also get all current stage audition information from the Actors Equity site, and you don't have to be a union member to access that.

Alanna Kamin

Thank you both! I'm still very new so I am not a Union member. So you think paying the $68 a year for Showfax is definitely an investment I should make towards starting my career?

Phoenix Alexander Nelson

Actors access is legit. That's the one my agent uses.

Anthony Battelle

Actors Access also has many non-union listings so, I think the investment is worthwhile even for non-union artists. In fact there seem to be many more non-union jobs these days than ever before.

Daron Scott McFarland

Actors Access is a must! Your agent will need you to be on Actors Access, LA Casting and Casting Frontier. As far as spending money, I would suggest a paid subscription to Actors Access. It has better theatrical projects than the others and the access to showfax for sides is a great tool for finding material to train with. Paying for LA Casting is good for commercial and the occasional short film. Different people have different results with that site but it is okay. I am not certain that you would want to pay of any other site. Casting Frontier, CAZT, NowCasting, Hollywood Casting and Film, etc. – you can check them out but I would ask around if any other actor in your type (age, gender, ethnicity, ingénue, etc.) has had much success with them before breaking out your wallet. But Actors Access definitely. LA Casting maybe.

Kalifer Deil

I'm a writer and if my trilogy, Tillian 5, is ever turned into a screen play you look perfect for the character Aurora Star.

William Joseph Hill

Backstage is great for Theatre productions, or if you live in or around NY. I've found that Actors Access and L.A. Casting are the two best go-to sites for those of us in the L.A. area, and Actors Access has regional postings too. There's also Casting Frontier, but I've not worked with that one as much.

Celeste Allen

Hi all, I'm Celeste Allen I too am interested in acting & have questions as to how to get info & move forward in being an actor!! Is there a place on line to get info for writing up an actors resume?? I was wondering if there are Acting Resume Templates or a format on line to use in making up a good actors resume?? I look forward to hearing from you in the acting industry!! Thx guys!!

Angela Allen

Thank you for asking this as it is my questions as well. I wish you Great Luck Alanna!!!

Suzanne Bronson

I did not find backstage beneficial at all when I lived in LA. Every single posting that was supposedly paid, was not. and when I contacted backstage they didn't care. IMO, backstage is a waste of money. At least as far as Los Angeles is concerned. I have heard good thing about AA but only if you have a reel to upload, otherwise, no reel, you go to the "other" file when you submit.

Cheryl Texiera

Cheryl Texiera Hi Celeste - I'll be covering that in the webinar tomorrow morning! :)

Shoghi Aqdas

Actors access , this is so helpful I have an account with actors access and I had been to non legit auditions where I felt I could make it but they hurt am glad most of you trust the site and am ready now to take my account further

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