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Brandon Koots

Auditioning Again

This year I auditioned for a feature film based on a book. Things were going really great and the writer/director and casting director really loved me. But in the end i didn't get the role. It was till today that i read on their website that they wrapped up filming and are now in post-production. And will have a premiere later this month. But the thing is, this September they will be casting again for another feature film. From the same writer. I don't know what roles there are yet, but what is there that i can/should do to make sure i can get the role this time.

D Marcus

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but there is nothing you can do to make sure you get a role. If you do not feel right for the part to the producers and director no matter how good you are or what you do will make them cast you. The chances are they didn't cast you last time NOT because you did something wrong but because they found someone they felt fit their vision better. Actors just need to keep auditioning until they reach that wonderful, magical combination.

Dave McCrea

Brandon, act as if not getting the role in the other project did not faze you one bit or take away from your enthusiasm one iota and that you expect no special treatment just because you read for them before

John O'Hara

You might consider finding an acting coach to help you improve your art. Even A list actors have an acting coach they count on to help them.

Royce Allen Dudley

No one can ensure they get a role unless they finance the movie. What many actors fail to understand is that the person cast isn;t always the best actor... many times a better actor is passed over for a number of reasons... a more recognizable actor is interested, or they look to similar to another actor already cast, wrong ethnicity for the character as perceived, wrong dynamic or chemistry with co-star... even the actor's first name is the same as the director's ex and he doesn't want to be reminded. You can only control your best attitude and preparation and openness to direction... and relax. If you are focused on one project or one producer, that's the first problem. A Low level, semi-employed actors in L.A. do hundreds of auditions a year and get maybe a role or two every year or two... some get far more and some get none. Show me a web series and I'll show you a group of actors who took the bull by the horns and created their own material because of the very numbers game,

Michael Maino

There isn't anything you can do to insure being cast, aside from financing the movie. Having said that... audition is a victory in and of itself. Be yourself...make it REAL...don't try to make anything happen just let it go expressed through your unique self. And please, have ain't brain surgery. That is your job as an actor. It is your only concern. The casting director has his or her job. The way I've come to look at it is casting directors have a tough job and what they decide is really none of my business. That's my two cents ... now break legs

Angel Matheson

Just keep working hard. Don't give up.

Christopher Pornovets

they said that you were great so I guess there was nothing bad on your part. Try out the other audition and I wish you the best of luck =)

Richard "RB" Botto

Every audition should be a learning experience regardless of the result. It's also an opportunity to face your fears and doubts head on. Win every experience, regardless of whether you win the role.

Lina Jones

Good Luck!

Jorge J Prieto

Hey Brandon it has nothing to do with your talent, but with type. I was typecast 3 times for three different productions of the same play. Everytime I walked in i was hoping to get cast for one of the other roles in the play (Rafft of The Medusa) and everytime the directors would tell me that I was (according to my type, I'm guessing) Jimmy in their eyes no buts about. I did the play and the blessing was that each time it felt like the first time since all the other players where differnt and new to me, with different acting methods. I study Meisner and I had some really strong scenes with a Method actor and our clashes on stage were real. Stick with it because you are young and there is sooooo much ahead of you to be challenged about. Like RB said every audition should be approach as a learning experience.....

Brandon Koots

thanks all of you for the answers. I now realize what I asked. Of course I can't make sure I get a role. But thanks for these great answers. I will do all my best for this next audition.

Michael Maino

Brandon, The most we can ever do is our best. When we do that we've done it all. Stay strong, keep working and make your best the best in the room.

Cheyn Cole

All you can do is try your best. Its probably that you were to tall, to short, to old, to little hair, not the right color eyes...something completely outside of your control. If they liked you, they'll call you in again, and maybe this time you'll be right for the role:)

Brandon Koots

Thanks Cheyn!

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