Acting : BEWARE OF THIS Company Name: Broadway Theatricals Casting Director's Name: Mr.Thibodeau by Anita Tucker

Anita Tucker

BEWARE OF THIS Company Name: Broadway Theatricals Casting Director's Name: Mr.Thibodeau

----- Original Message ----- From: Max Alire To: D. Ward Sent: Friday, June 13, 2014 6:42 PM Subject: Re: Once on This Island - Zaccharin Thibodeau Darlene, Good day! After a full investigation and in lack of a final response from Mr. Thibodeau / Broadway Theatricals, ExploreTalent has made a decision to deactivate all his pending projects, and cease to allow him to post any of their projects through Exploretalent now and in the future. The basis why we have made this decision is the account. Mr. Thibodeau / Broadway Theatricals affiliated with these projects has been closed due to discrepancies, and or objectionable content/situations (i.e. material, location, behavior, non-payment, and demeanor). Exploretalent suggests caution and complete disassociation in terms of any communication or agreement with. Company Name: Broadway Theatricals Casting Director's Name: Mr.Thibodeau This notice has been prepared for general informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice/action. On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 2:01 AM, Darlene Lucretia Ward wrote: Hi Max: I played one of the main characters (Mama Euralie) in "Once on this Island". Majority of the cast members had to sign this electronic contract stating that we need to sell 20 tickets to get $150. The contract stated that we need to return the CD and script since this was copy righted material. He had stated that he had to pay for the rights to do the play. He stated that we would give us flyers. I never received a copy of my contract. I asked Zack about it he said that I will receive a copy with payment. I had a total of 16 tickets. Enclosed is 3 attachments, the first two front and back had an 800 number which no one answered the phone to get back with anyone. After complaining about my guests could not contact anyone, Zack emailed the last flyer. The cast members were never given any flyers. We had to pay to have them printed or print them out your self. I posted both flyers on my facebook page and I had some flyers printed in black and white to hand out. Zack had constantly text me on my cell phone to make sure I will sell 20 tickets. He said that he would give the ones that didn't sell 20 some money. We had asked him when would we get paid. We were consatantly given the round around. Zack never collected our scripts nor the CD's after the play. I have a feeling that we didn't pay for the rights to do the play. We rehearsal with a downloaded copy, then a day before tech week we had this completely different soundtrack we had to learn. The timing and cues for sounds were totally different. Later found out the soundtrack was down loaded from you tube. There was suppose to be some DVD's, I had 15 people who wanted a copy. All of my family are back East and could not afford to come to the production. I text Zack several times asking about the DVD's. He stopped responding to my texts. I had talked to several cast members asking them have they heard from Zack, everyone stated that he has not returned calls or responded to text messages. Previously he would get back to you right alway. He had sent an email after the production that he would contact everyone. We all thought it was about getting paid. He never contacted anyone. I don't like being lied to, I had counted on receiving the money. I had no income, recycling everything for gas money so I can make the rehearsals and play. I borrowed money at the end. Knowing that I would get some money so I can pay back. Zack had taken advantage of cast members to make money with the intent to not pay them. On the "Once on This Island" Facebook page : No bonus was mentioned in our contract. If there was Cynthia Bland should have received the bonus. Besides cast members selling tickets, he had a contract with LivingSocial. Congratulations to Cynthia Bland for selling the most number of tickets to Once On This Island. Final count 27 tickets! At Broadway Theatricals we have a special bonus cash prize to the actor who can sell more tickets than the producer. Your producer (Zaccharin Thibodeau) sold 43 tickets. No bonus was awarded for this production. Sincerely, Darlene Lucretia Ward (909) 559-0825 -- Regards, Max Alire Operations Manager Phone: 702-553-2700 Ext: 2022 Hello my name is #@#@#@# #@#@#@#@. I wanted to let you know that Mr. Zaccharin Thibodeau of broadway theatricals is a con. He had me sing a contract with him for Once on This Island and never gave me my copy, Then had me do his shopping for costume and told me he would pay me back the money i spent. I gave him all receipts it was a total of $210.00.then he had me print scripts and music for another play and told me he would pay all money back as soon as i gave him the receipts i spent another $ 200.00 on ink and paper And he and his mother ask me if they could barrow $600.00 until the check came for the show on May 16 th . I let them barrow only $200.00 . When the 16th of May came they told me they have not got their money yet, and i will have to wait. They scammed me out of $610.00 and that not add that they never Paid me the $150.00 that i was to be paid and i was maid to buy Tickets for his show at $20.00 each I bought 8 thickets plus was made to sell 20 more. Please call me 863 709 5859. to let me know you got this. if something is not done about this scam I WILL CLOSE MY ACCOUNT WITH EXPLORE TALENT. He scammed 21 cast members and friends. And is is putting on a so called play (scam) every month and getting new people to scam. I found out this is not his first time doing this and he has a police record . And stolen property in his so call theater. No business license ,insurance,or permit. And is trying to sell dvd copies of the play for $10.00 each but will not let the cast get one. .No one from cast gave their permission to film them, or to sell copies. I have a lot more to say Please call me anytime. thank you .

Anita Tucker

he now has been band off explore talent BUT HE IS NOW ON STAGE 32 PLEASE BEWARE

Miroslav Kokenov


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