Acting : Books on how to audition for film and TV. Any Suggestions? by Brenda Harris

Brenda Harris

Books on how to audition for film and TV. Any Suggestions?

Just back in the biz after many years and things have certainly changed. Can anyone recommend a book that deals with the techniques involved? I'd also be interested in a class which covers this in the Tampa/Orlando area. Thanks, all!

Brenda Harris

Thank you Joey. I will check it out.

Kenneth Hughes

Improv class has been one of the best ways to get strong audition chops. Then an on-camera audition workshop would be the next important tool. I had friends that would tape each other for auditions just for practice. Books can help but doing is the best way to grow your audition skills.

Amanda Toney

Hey Brenda, there is a great acting webinar coming up on Stage 32 on 12/15. I think you'd find it super useful. It's going to go over tips and tricks that can improve your acting right away.

Margaret Norwood

Hi Brenda, I just published a text on acting for the camera. It's a straight-forward presentation of Stanislavski technique, but then addresses how actors can keep healthy psychologically. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Brenda Harris

Thank you Margaret. I will check it out.

Joe Madero

Hi Brenda, I found the book by Michael Shurtleff " Audition " to be very helpfull.

Marc Forget

There's an online course by Marci Liroff I'm enjoying which you can check out here: Also, "How to Book Acting Jobs in TV and Film" by Cathy Reinking has good stuff in it, although she can be a little rough at times.

Steven Bray

I concur with Joe on Michael Shurtleff's "Audition." An easy read and a step-by-step process to have you auditioning at your best. Good luck!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'm not an actor but as part of my reading a while ago, I read a book by Michael Caine which I enjoyed and thought was insightful. Acting in Film - An Actor's Take on Film Making . (I hope I got the title right.)

Sean O'Connor

Michael Caine's DVD of screen acting was the most insightful for me. Simple and effective tips for new and upcoming actors'

Jeanne Young

Amy Jo Berman has some really wonderful webinars that you can purchase the recordings to, and she consistently does new, live ones as well. She is really amazing and has a wealth of information to share. There are also many great educational articles, blogs, and webinars here on Stage32. I wish you the best!

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