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Nate Killian

Boston Area Acting

Hey Everyone, Was wondering if there are any Boston based actors who can give me some advice on finding some work here in Boston. Whether its Boston Casting, or another agency. I'd like to know what to look for, what to stray from, and what doors could be opened. Thanks!

Regina Walker

I'm not in Boston but I act and look for talent. Make sure whatever agency you join either does not charge you at all to join or if they do, it's a small upfront fee that never has to be paid again. Ask them what successes they have and how many bookings they get. I have joined agencies that never find work. Talk to actors there and see what they think. Google their reputation. I love reviews because they can be biased but they will tell you what's up and overall are the comments fair, all bad or mostly good? Avoid anyone offering you pay upfront for no work or who tells you to come anywhere but to a public area. Hope this helps you! :)

Nate Killian

Thanks Regina! I appreciate it.

Stephen Foster

Great post! I'd start with doing a search here for directors in Boston and see if you can get in their films. Actors Access is GREAT! I'd also put together a meet up for Boston people on Stage32!

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