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Marcelo Dietrich

Break Into Acting

I’m sure you’ve experienced this; getting asked how to break into acting. I like getting asked this, for a number of reasons. Being asked this question shows that this person has the ability to pursue an interest of theirs and this is a great indicator of their dedication. I want to share with you how I answer this question. However, 1st of all, ask yourself 1question: Do you want to be a celebrity or do you want to be an actor? If you want to be a celebrity, stop reading this. If you want to be an actor, read on. Take classes. First and foremost; learn the craft. A quick internet search provides a number of establishments and colleges that offer a variety of acting classes. There is improvisation (improve) acting, theater acting, film acting, commercial acting as well as varying styles. You can also take classes on auditioning techniques! Soak it up! Learn as much as you can! I always stress the importance of learning theater acting. Do your homework on finding a reputable establishment to take classes from. Act! You’re not an Actor if you’re not acting. You will have opportunities to act at whichever venue you decide to take classes from, but seek more opportunities beyond that. Look into your closest universities and colleges that have film programs. Film students need actors. Search for community theaters & acting groups. I always stress the importance of learning theater acting. Get Headshots. Your headshots are your “calling card”; an absolute necessity. Ask your new acting friends who did their headshots. Ask to see your friend’s headshots. Visit the website of these photogs and look at their work. Headshot can be expensive. You’ll also need to get your headshots printed - another expense. Often time’s photogs offer sales and discounts. Ask them if they’re offering any. When I went for my headshots the photog had a sale that ended 2 weeks prior but, extended the offer to me! I must write that I believe it crucial to first gain acting experience prior to getting your headshots done & beginning your “marketing campaign”. (I will elaborate on your “marketing campaign” in another article.) Seek representation. Look for an agent. Again, ask your newly-made fellow actor friends who their agent is. Investigate them! Ask your friends about them. Look at their websites. Call them to schedule a time to talk with them. It may take a few meetings to find the agent you like and it might be the first one you talk with, as what happened for me. Also, an agent will be able to assist you in finding classes, photogs and, of course, acting opportunities. I intentionally placed “Seek representation” as number four. Personally speaking, it is in your best interest to approach an agent with at least steps 1 & 2 addressed. Get active! Again, seek more opportunities! Utilize social media to find gigs & “market” you! One of the many things I like & appreciate about my agent is that she is very active on a number social media sites! I cannot stress enough the importance of utilizing social media in your acting career! (However, I will attempt to in another article.) When you’re asked how to break into acting, you might offer different advice. I can appreciate that. I’d love to hear what advice you offer to the aspiring thespian! In closing, I always stress the importance of learning theater acting. I look forward to collaborating with you! Respectfully, Marcelo Dietrich @MarceloDietrich

Matthew O'Thompsonski

Thanks! Thats Good Advice. Anything today, takes determination and hard work. I soak up all the info i can. i appreciate this.

Marcelo Dietrich

Thanks for your comment, Mr. O'Thompsonski! You are exactly correct! "Determination and hard work" will get you everything you need! I hope the best for you!

Max Harris

Marcelo, I agree with most of what you say and appreciate the advice. The one item I disagree with is the head shots. Most young actors carry around their "book" but I think a selection of less-posed pictures can be more interesting. An actor I work with shot this one of me backstage. I love it and will give it to my agent. It's very low res but I think it will get attention. Thanks for your advice.

Jackie Kirkpatrick

Now if I could just get the money to do all of this. LOL I want it so bad it hurts but not having the funds to take classes and head shots is killing me because without those it's near impossible to get the experience needed. Not being around like minded individuals does not help either.

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