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Hi all, I agree with Michael Gaston. He is right in saying that personal contact is very important and that self taping can't offer that. The friends , connections and contacts you make in the waiting room and on set are what makes this busines so great. In our iindustry everything is based on team work. I still remember my audition for Dr Vogel in 007 James Bond Spectre. It was an in person audition at 3pm in Knightsbridge in London/UK and I had an amazing time. The casting director Debbie McWillaims spent a substantial amount of time with me and I got to do four takes...When I walked in I had alot of make up on my face. After the first take, Debbie told me to go to the bathroom and wipe off my make up and then we did 3 more takes...and I booked the role. I had a great time and formed lasting relationships. There's no substitute for that. I think both in person auditions and self taping have their place. In my opinion, the industry should go back to auditioning in person as and when that is appropriate, and when that's not possible, you can always send in your self tape. And let''s not forget: We are social animals and thrive on connection. It keeps us grounded, centered and emotionally and mentally healthy. Brigitte Millar

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