Acting : Building a relationship with your Agent. by Amy Jones

Amy Jones

Building a relationship with your Agent.

Hi everyone. Does anyone have any advice on how to build a good relationship with your agent? I have recently got one (yay) and want to be sure that we continue to have a good relationship but I don't want to hound her with emails about what I'm doing to make progress, if that makes sense. Any advice would be great! Thanks :)

Tatom Pender

Congrats!! I'm not sure how things are handled where you are but I take little office gifts in when there's a holiday, promotion, or just because. Emailing is great but keep it short, simple, & easy to read. All the best!

Nick Hoffa

Of course it will depend on that particular agent. But I think it is not hounding if you are contacting with substantive information, changes that will prove helpful to her. Met this casting director at a workshop/thinking of getting new headshots/recommendations on classes, etc. That said, I think you will know when you feel you are reaching just as an excuse to stay in touch. I say emailing every few weeks is a good rule of thumb. You don't want to be so afraid to not be in contact that she thinks you are not invested in your career.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'm not an actor but I have a good friend who is and who has talked about his relationship with his agent informally. Summarizing his comments, I'd say you do best with common sense. He works hard on his own at improving himself as an actor (coach, etc.) and has occasional disagreements with his agent but tries to work them out as best he can. My impression is that he updates his agent regularly but not really frequently.

Hilton Moore

Amy, I don't know where you are located in the world right now, but there are opportunities everywhere. Network, network, network!!! There are people out there looking for you right now. Help them to find you. You are a very beautiful person. and you have the basic requirement for success in this profession...Want to! If you want to draw attention to yourself.................then draw attention to yourself. I can promise you that if you go out and find projects for yourself your agent will have to run to keep up with you. I did this when I was with Universal. I would call the agent and ask" do you have anything coming up for me? And usually she didn't. I would then tell her I was going to take a small role in something..........anything that you found, and then she wanted to know more........see where I'm going with this? Pretty soon I was on FIRE and she was trying to keep up and bragging about me and letting me teach classes to her newbees. Three gigs in Academy Award winning movies, and two major TV series later, she is still proud of me. It's that easy.....just catch on fire!! If you're serious. If not, then sit there and take what they give you. Just sayin'.

Denis Lybe

Networking is great. I've gotten good jobs with agencies and good jobs on my own. Work both sides of the street. Neputism (?) can be great, if offered take it!!! Exposure is necessary. Stay in touch with agents, but don't be annoying. In NYC you can work for several agencies and not sign. Work is what you're after and if your working, anybody will take their 10%. Be careful and good hunting...

Joe Wiese - A Voice Talent/actor/artist/storyteller

Hello Amy. I recently asked a similar question on this site and many different other "pages" on that other popular site. about 90% of the advice that i received focused on pretty much the same statement. NOW, this is based on me being new to the "business" mind you, but, because of the social media frenzy in the past five years plus, the "individual" has more POWER then ever before to make contacts directly with directors, casting agents, ad's, film makers, etc. so, network, network, network and you will find that you can find so much on your own. allot more "SKYPE" auditions are happening more and more. now, i don't know how much exp. you have, but with the power of this site alone, you should be able to find and meet so many contacts, why pay an agent 10% if your not there top listed client when you can get so much work on your own. also, look into 'AMY JO BARMEN" and " MARCI LIROFF", two excellent casting directors who teach actors how to handle auditions and so much more... hope this helps. have a good night...

T.W Reed

Just be prepared on auditions

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