Acting : Business aspects of acting by Eric L. Williams

Eric L. Williams

Business aspects of acting

I'm working on a project and I'd love your input. If there was a resource (book, course, etc.) that covered the business aspects of being an actor, what questions would you want/need/like to see in there?

Sam Borowski

Eric, reach out to me and I will do my best to address in a private message.

Derek Reid

Sam Borowski Unrelated, but I have had "God bless and stay fresh!" stuck in my head as of late... :D

Sam Borowski

Derek, That's a good thing right? Means it's working its way on to the conscience of everyone. ;) On a funny note, when I'm on a business call with an actor or producer or someone and I forget to say that at the end - it rarely happens, once in a while - they call me out on it. They are so used to it! LOL - Thanks so much for the comment ... Made me smile. :)

Derek Reid

Sam Borowski Seems like a good thing on my end!

John Ellis

Denis Laveck, as an agent, who do you represent? What's your agency name? And what's this about a trading platform - what has that got to do with acting or being an agent?

Nastassia Haroshka

lol Denis isn't writing in correct English so I doubt he is an "agent". (and I've only had 5 years of English)

John Ellis

Probably another "financier" looking for somebody to pay his upfront fees.

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