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Acting : CASTING CALL: "40 Seconds" Suicide Prevention Film by Kaleigh Fitzgerald

Kaleigh Fitzgerald

CASTING CALL: "40 Seconds" Suicide Prevention Film

CASTING CALL FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION SHORT FILM! “40 Seconds” Why this film? So many different people of all ages are affected whether they have attempted or they know somebody who has lost their life. Through each character in this story, we explore the most at risk groups including Luke the kid who is bullied at school, Rene the girl who struggles to cope with her father’s death, John the war veteran who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Paige, the one who is consumed by it all. Logline: Paige is going through the motions of her life while she deals with her loved ones’ lives crumbling around her but little does she know that the one stable person in her life is the one that needs the most help. Characters: Paige- Paige Huntington (30’s) is the protagonist of the film. Paige is consumed by the problems of her war veteran husband with PTSD, Paige having to become her sister's guardian because both of their parents have died, and Paige's students being bullied at school. Paige is a middle school teacher. John- John Huntington (30’s) is a war veteran suffering from PTSD. He is married to Paige who is struggling to reconnect with him. John has dreams where he remembers his friend dyeing in war. He lets his memories run his life and has a hard time accepting the love he deserves. Emma- Emma Marks (30’s) is Paige's best friend. Emma is the shoulder to cry on. Emma is a guidance counselor at the middle school Paige works at. Emma is newly married but is having a hard time in her relationship but she doesn’t want anyone to know. Rene- Rene Cerelli (16-18) has just lost both of her parents and is forced to live with her older sister Paige. She uses drinking as a way to cope with her father's death and masks her pain with anger. Luke- Luke Scott (13) is Paige’s student in middle school. He gets pushed around and picked on by bullies. Through the story he learns to make friends and be happy with who he is. We are also looking for main extras including bullies at school, a priest, and a bartender CASTING WILL BE OCTOBER 12, 2013 Schedule a time by emailing 40SecondsFilm@gmail.com

Kar Gustafson

This sounds like a great project! I wish you all the luck!

Jennifer Lynn

Sounds interesting, but where is the location?

Jonathan Brunson

I would LOVE the chance to audition for the role of John!!! ANd loving that we're both from the EAST COAST!!!

Kaleigh Fitzgerald

Downtown Pittsburgh is where we will be holding auditions. We will be filming a half an hour outside of Pittsburgh for production. Please email 40SecondsFilm@gmail.com to schedule an audition.

Janet Scott

Sounds great... good luck all who audition....

Jennifer Lynn

I wish I was closer, I would love to audition for this. I had a friend in school who was suicidal, and it seemed like I was the only one who was concerned and tried to stop her and help her.

Ajit Singh

I would love to be part of this but I resides in India.

Marcus J Langford

I'd love to be apart of this as an actor who has had mental health problems I feel I could connect very easy with the characters. My showreel is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av_zHAbYJsM&sns=em Also my acting web site and and other links are; www.marcusjlangford.com http://www.starnow.co.uk/marcusjlangford http://m.imdb.com/name/nm5497358/ http://ukartsdirectory.com/marcus-j-langford/ thank you.

Alexandra Cohler

I'd love to be a part of this but I'm NYC-based, not Pittsburgh. :(

Christopher Kardos

I'd love to audition for you, even travel to Pittsburg but I can't on the 12th... I played a war vet with PTSD before though in '1001 Faces' (trailer available on my profile).

Elizabeth Gallardo

love to join how do you start

Janet Scott

Sounds interesting... and sad reality of life...

Marcus J Langford

I'd love to be apart of this is I've been there and very close, even tried it once or twice but have been stopped by people walking in on me www.marcusjlangford.com

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