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Michelle Quin


Recently on the 'Introduce yourself weekend' I introduced myself I'm a Melbourne Australia Casting Director for over 20 years during my careers I've had the privilege to cast some now famous actors. I made a comment for all the actors and performers out there, (which Karen Ross asked me to post again!!) Please remember it's not all about looks!! Great skills and self-confidence will always succeed. Michelle Quin

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Michelle Quin! Thanks for reposting! I love this encouragement! I've often heard in behind-the-scenes interviews for British shows that have hired all "pretty" talent call themselves "more Hollywood", and it just made me laugh. I sincerely hope that the U.S. continues to expand beyond the expectation that all faces on a screen should be aesthetically pleasing moreso than captivating.

Would you be interested in participating in the “Monday Motivation" challenge I posted in the Producing Lounge as well? It's just a fun way to get to know people through their favorite quotes and I have a feeling you know more than a few!

Michelle Quin

Interesting since British shows have been previously famous for their many character actors which made their productions much more authentic and real, I'm not sure why they would change this. If film and television were to only choose 'pretty talent' it may possibly become boring and it would loose the essence of so many stories. If you consider the many wonderful character actors who continue to work until older age, if they were only considering pretty faces then many of these would not longer gain work.

I still believe its not all about looks, great skills and self-belief will always gain work!!!

Tyrise Foreman

Love this!!

James Hare

Interesting insight, would be great to learn some more if possible. Thanks Michelle.

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