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Keith De'Winter

Casting in other countries.

Hi everyone, you've probably all heard this before but as an Actor in the UK I'm wondering how I can get castings overseas? I've made a couple of films that are coming out soon but I can't capitalise on those the frustration is wondering what I can do to get cast without actually flying to another country? I know self tapes are big and that's what got me one of the films I did. How can or who will view my showreel? Who will offer me the work to bring me over without me covering costs? I know, this all sounds like some crazy fools dream! I'm just asking...thanks for reading.

Richard Haylor

Hi Keith, I can only speak from the perspective and experience of an actor based in the U.S. It's not impossible but it can be difficult to say the least, to book roles that are cast in other countries, unless you are well established as an actor, or are requested by someone over there that you have worked with in the past and knows your work. Here, casting directors and their clients often like to see their actors in call backs even if an initial self tape is requested.It all depends on the role and the production budget, some roles are occasionally booked directly from tapes, it varies. So if you are chasing a role in a different state for example,you have to be prepared to fly "on your own dime" to attend auditions and callbacks, if requested to do so. Therefore, the role has to be substantial enough for you to sensibly take the financial risk. Once you book the role, again depending on the budget of the production, you may receive your travel and accommodation costs, per diem expenses, (or any combination of these).There are so many variables.Most of the time the actor is expected to cover their own cost of flights, accommodation, car hire, and food when not on set. After saying all that, remember It's not impossible ! Keep plugging away and never give up! Good luck ! Cheers, Richard.

Luke Frohling

I hear you- I'm an Aussie but luckily there is more than enough on my home turf to keep me occupied. Until you become a name actor you've gotta have your feet on the ground of the place you want to work. I heard this straight from a casting agent-- "I will not consider anyone who is living more than a 1.5 hours drive from the set. Too many problems, very unreliable transport, and commitment problems. I don't care if the actor SAYS he will travel I won't consider them unless they are actually there". I know it's tough but I've got outta state auditions in the past but all the costs were on me (I didn't end up getting the gig and was about $1k down) and the agent really had to push for me to be considered. I'm considering Canada and America but I'm hoping to meet enough people to get a good clean start in either/both countries before I leave but I won't actually apply for any set roles until I've booked and paid for accommodation (or couch space).

Regina Lee

Hi Keith, like Richard said, only stars and key players will be traveled for movies/TV. For example, Grey's Anatomy is set in Seattle. They shoot mostly in LA, but there are some on-location days in Seattle. If you're Patrick Dempsey, ABC flies you to Seattle to shoot your Seattle scenes. But let's say Patrick has to interact with a Hot Dog Vendor in Seattle. Hot Dog Vendor has 1 line. ABC is most likely not going to pay to travel an LA actor to deliver 1 line in Seattle. They'd probably cast a local Seattle SAG actor for that 1 line. SAG has rules for travel expenses, and ABC would likely not want to spend a lot more money to travel an actor if they can cast the part in Seattle.

Keith De'Winter

Hi guys, many thanks, I never expected to strike up a series of positive comments! I kinda knew what you've all said, I guess it's the frustration of knowing I want to work elsewhere but the 'funding' part is the 'difficult' part. I e been lucky enough so far to venture out of the UK to work, and all costs were provided...but the longest stint I did was a month and I wasn't in a Country where I could make the right contacts. Again as what's been said, I do believe that if someone wants you for a role then they will provide everything-put things in trying to not sound naive! I also agree that a lot of Film/TV Companies do want to cut back and they will do so however they can...even at the Actors expense! I guess I'll keep trying, hope I can get people to view my Showreel, my CV, my Photos, my Media clips. ...I'm sure somewhere out there there is someone that wants a 5'2" average build, Comedy Character Actor from Manchester, England. Thanks again!

Breandán O'Connor

Hi Keith, I would suggest you attend one of Louise Gubbay's seminars/ workshops at the Actor's Center in London. Louise is the only UK agent who has a London and L.A agency. She is extremely experienced when it comes to gaining the 01 visa (Open to actors who wish to work in the U.S) It is true that in order to get this visa you have to have TV, Film or Theater credits. However it is not true that you have to be a NAMED actor, meaning a household name/ famous etc. In order to be suitable for this visa you have to prove you have been employed in the industry as a professional. It is far to complex to go in to on here, but, as an other suggestion if you look on YOUTUBE at 01 visa you will get a much better idea how you could be eligible to get this visa. Yes money is involved (But when was it not?) Anyhow I hope this little post gives you some idea and hope.

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