Acting : Casting women to play middle age+ roles by Amy Drake

Amy Drake

Casting women to play middle age+ roles

I noticed that there is an upcoming session on writing strong roles for women. Bravo! I have no difficulty in writing strong roles for women actors--but I do have difficulty casting roles written for women over 40. How can we as a community bridge the divide between mature female actors and casting directors who seek them?

Regina Walker

Yes. Its hard to find castings for that age. Many times I end up an extra. I look younger but that doesn't matter. A guy from MTV told me to only take roles age appropriate. I never tried otherwise but then I see actors 32 playing high school and I'm like ..... I don't desire otherwise but I don't get it. Most castings want 18-24. Even though I look great, still I'm weeded out.

Jane Macfie

Hi- Here you go! I am a middle-aged actress in Los Angeles, recurring TV roles, Broadway, film, major regional theater, member of Stage 32. thank you!

Suzanne Bronson

That's a really good question I'm 39 years old while I don't look it I say my age range is 25-35. If I say my real age, I won't get an audition. and unfortunately I can't get cast to play someone my age which would be the mother of young children. Its weird though because stage doesn't seem to have that problem.

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