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Sandra Weston

Choosing a teacher

Hi all, I took a year off from class recently. I'm thinking about studying again. how do you choose a class and a teacher?

Sandra Weston

Thanks for your comment. I've worked with many of the local teachers and learned a lot form them. What I want now if I go into a new class is something specific. I have most pieces in place but I am not booking. Review of my video auditions indicates that I'm fine at it. Maybe since I'm a character type I just haven't found my niche yet, or possibly attracted the attention of casting. Any new class would be about exploring this. I'm curious about how other actors decide who to study with, not looking for actual recommendations.

Sandra Weston

Thanks Alle, that's something to think about. I have encountered teachers who do it for a living and also observed that they are mostly actors who haven't done well as actors. I learn from everyone so I have accepted some where there's less to learn because I live out in the valley. Now though I will drive to get what I need next. Can you mention some LA teacher who are well known and well spoken about? I started my search on the net. so far I spoke to one woman who has great observations but seems very focused on the money and what she is doing, less so on what I'm looking for. I'd like to meet more teachers.

Stephen Foster

here is my advice about "teachers" find one who believes you are gonna be a STAR. don't settle for being just another # and a meal ticket.

Sandra Weston

Stephen I think that's a good comment. This thread is about the process. How do you choose a class and a teacher? I have had enough technique study to know more of that isn't what I want. Targeted work with a teacher who means something to people in the business and actually believes I am going to make progress because I have innate ability, that's what I'm looking for.

Guy Camilleri

come audit my class at RAW acting studio on Monday. It's a free working audit. A safe space to explore and take risks without being judged!

William Andrew Brewer

I go to a lot of free seminars put on by teachers trying to pitch their book or get you to sign up for their class. I've had some lead to great things and some lead to nothing, but I have always picked up something that made it worth going. One night, I was in an audition seminar, and the lines we were doing sounded really familiar. A couple weeks later, I was watching an episode of Believe on NBC and there was those lines again. I did BG on that episode and that's where I first heard those lines. After doing a little research, I found that that audition coach is an agent who freelances with some of his students and gets them day player roles on local shows. I went to a free on camera class, and guess what? She was also a commercial casting director. So I'm treating these classes like auditions from now on. So to make a long story short, so far this year I've scored three small film roles, a Taco Bell commercial, a co-hosting job on the Food Network, and great relationships with two CD's and their assistants. All from connections made through free seminars. Plus I've gotten so many more roles with the techniques I've picked up at these classes. I've spent a total of $12.95, and that was for the audition coaches book.

Sandra Weston

William, that's truly impressive. you are the rare actor who has made it work for them. Thanks for the inspiration. I've taken almost 20 years of technical classes and workshops with good local teachers who had no connections. I'm starting to see that if I want to be more visible I have be seen by those who are actually casting. Message me if you are willing to share some names.

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