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Cindy Myskiw


Does anyone know who or where I would contact for info on what is the copyright law for movies or films being used in Canadian Acting classes and then posted on Facebook and YouTube and other social media by the students or even the teachers. I am working with a fairly well known actor right now and trying to find out with all this age of media what kind of law people might be breaking and whether or not they are breaking any if they post scenes from stuff that they do in Acting classes. Hope you can help. Thanks Cindy

Tony Fisher

Hello Cindy, I can't say for certain but is it possible to contact the production company and see what their view on it is?

Cindy Myskiw

I tried writer's guild but haven't had a reply back yet. I am not sure but I could try that as well , thanks for the input, Tony.

Kevin Bradshaw

Hi Cindy, as a fellow Canadian I tried asking a college law professor about copyright issues I had so I would suggest that to you.

Michele Seidman

Cindy, there is a clause in Copyright law, for educational use in the states that I have been told is very similar up in Canada. Most often, scene work in a class setting would fall under fair use, educational. I run a few channels on YT, and one is for my actors studio. There are some well known monologues posted, unlisted link, but no copyright dings on any of them. No matter the posting setting, public/unlisted/private...if YT catches something that they have info to watch, they do give a notice. So far, only 1 video ever got me a notice on the studios channel. It was a tiny bit of a song on an actors reel, we were editing and reviewing under a private setting. But no monologues have gotten a strike. Hope that helps a bit, til you get solid info from a legal mind, in your part of the world!

Cindy Myskiw

Hello Michele thank you for the helpful information. What about scene work? Is it the same? Also thanks for connecting.

Michael Wearing

I'm no expert, but think there's likely to be a difference between working with a script during an educational class, and using a film of that class to promote the organisation that ran the class. I also think it likely that when you sign to an educational class the terms and conditions are likely to include the right to use anything created for promotional purposes. Much as I hate saying it, if in doubt, consult an entertainment lawyer.

Michele Seidman

Cindy, it is not if it is a scene or a monologue, it is how it is being used. If it is being used to show what you have learned or to instruct others in how to do things, it would probably be fine. Michael brings up a good point, though. If it is being used to promote or advertise a studio...that would be off limits. I mentioned my studio has some uploaded. However, they are not monetized , they do not have the studio logo or web site added to them, they are unlisted, not promoted, not titled, no keywords, etc, etc... and not one has ever been removed or marked for infringement. They are only there because we sent the unlisted links to casting people for review and critique. No one but us can see them. The sites do pull unlisted it it staying in the fine line that keeps them up...and it is a fine line. As mentioned, you should check with a legal mind in your region, when in doubt.

Craig D Griffiths

I have a 8 minutes script I gladly give to actors wanting a monologue piece. It's for a female, I'll put together a make piece as well. More than happy to send it over. I couldn't give two (insert word) who has it. It's a community after all.

Michele Seidman

Craig, that is a very kind thing and a real community spirit! Just had to say it...

Cindy Myskiw

Craig, Michele is right that is very kind of you. What a truly lovely thing to offer I would gladly take you up on that offer. If you want to send it to me via private message I would be more than willing to share it with my instructor and then send you a link to a scene we might do. Cheers.

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