Acting : Demo reel by Daniel Martindale

Daniel Martindale

Demo reel

Hello everyone! Does anyone know of any Atlanta demo reel services? Not just ones who edit your footage together but work with you to create a scene and film it? Thanks!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Daniel - try networking with Angela Edmond here: She can probably help point you in the right direction!

Matthew Cornwell

Be VERY careful with these types of services. Some of them (at least one offered by an actor in Atlanta who uses his "celebrity" to rope actors in) are extremely expensive and generate crappy results. If you're paying $300+ for a single scene, the end result should be indistinguishable from a professionally done independent project. Because some industry professionals (agents, CDs, etc) don't support the "homemade" scenes on the reel, so if you're going to go that path, they shouldn't be able to tell the difference. In short, the vast majority of folks offering this service are charging way more than its worth. Look at all their samples (they should be proud to share them), and decide for yourself if the quality of the production is worth the money.

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