Acting : Do You Use Social Media to Land Future Roles? by Kayla Foran

Kayla Foran

Do You Use Social Media to Land Future Roles?

I, being a non professional actor but aspiring to get there someday, use snapchat and Instagram where I am connected with many of the directors in my area (in which the artistic community is extremely tightly knit) to kind of advertise my talents when I'm not in a production just for future reference. Does anyone do this at a more professional level or do you just let your reel and audition speak for you?

Evan Rogers

Both really. People will always ask for a reel and resume for anything you do if you aren't directly referenced. Being active on social media is free exposure, and having the resume/reel combo allows your professionalism to speak for itself. Just be wary of what you post of social media, because that can backfire when casting directors are looking at you for a role. Best of luck!

Richard "RB" Botto

Networking. Is. Everything. Every day I meet more and more actors who landed gigs through networking on social media. Hell, you have casting directors hiring people based on their social media followings.

Andrea Ruschin

As an actor, professional or otherwise, you are your own brand, and at the end of the day you are responsible for your brand even if you have professional contacts and a team in place to help you navigate the business. A reel and resume are just the bare bones of being in this industry: everyone has to have them. But a casting director who has the chance to actually talk to someone and get to know them as well as see their resume/reel combo is going to be much more inclined to stick their neck out than they would be for someone they have never seen or heard from.

Richard "RB" Botto

Simply an excellent post, Andrea. And motivating as hell. Thank you.

Jackie Jorgenson

I'm in a small market, and Facebook groups have provided me with more opportunities to audition than Backstage or IMDb. For a while I even had filmmakers messaging me once a month out of the blue about future projects. So, I totally agree with the above comments. Branding and networking are everything and the more professional you appear online, the more you can really utilize even social media to your advantage.

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