Acting : Dream role - what's yours? by Perry Goldman

Perry Goldman

Dream role - what's yours?

Hey Dramatis Personae, Forget about your sex for a second. Forget about your race. Forget about your body type. Forget about your accent. What role would you absolutely kill to play? What's your ultimate bucket list role? Who would you like to be if you just had a chance?

Ben Phelps

Playing a Marvel Super hero. I know that sounds completely generic, but it's a huge dream of mine. I don't even care who it is, but as long as I'd be able to have fun with the character.

Jackie Sass

The lady in 'The King and I' so I'd have an excuse to wear huge hoop skirts. Or Scarlett O'Hara for the same reason.;)

Perry Goldman

No way is that generic, Ben! I know they work really hard to stay in shape for those roles, but those people are still the luckiest people I can imagine. But to have millions of kids looking at you and wanting to be like you when they grow up? That's why any of the heroes would be good enough, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You should have seen the response at my daughter's senior awards ceremony in high school this year... the guest speaker was alumni, and that wasn't very interesting to a bunch of kids, -UNTIL- the principal mentions "He used to be in a lot of musicals when he was here... but YOU can see him in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie! As well as..." then rattled 4 other movies planned out through 2020 like Justice League 1 and 2. The kids (and by 'kids' I mean 18-year-olds) absolutely lit up and were hanging on every word of his, even though it was 90 something degrees in the gym that night! And that wasn't even Marvel. And Jackie - I'm envious of how much better you'd look in a hoop skirt than me. Rock that dress when you finally get it!

Perry Goldman

Solid. That was a role of a lifetime, Emmanuel. I wish I could sit down with Denzel Washington and find out everything about what made the character who he was. I'm sure between him and the writer there were plenty of stories going around.

Jackie Sass

Perry, you seem like such an encourager! I've enjoyed reading your responses.:)

Perry Goldman

Ms. Sass - I'm curious what makes actors tick, ya know? Like whether it was a specific role, or maybe just the fun of being part of a production, or maybe even just being the actor they always wanted to see growing up. Two of my friends are the last one; they want to act because they've never seen people who look like themselves get to be the hero of anything. They're always the criminal or villain, and they want to be the hero for kids who look like them to see onscreen. But for most, I think it's a dream role, which is why I asked and am interested in hearing. When I was young, I wanted to be the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance (got to play it in High School). Now that I'm a few spots down the line in lifecycle... I don't even know who my dream role is anymore.

Perry Goldman

Brilliant, Helen!

Tony Fisher

If I was going to have a dream roll then I would have a role in Star Trek... "Engage"

Kyle Marquis

I want to play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film. He has an incredible character arc and if the films are even close to the games, it would be so freaking fun. I mean it would basically be Han Solo if he had Indiana Jones life. That is my absolute dream role.

Cathy Simpson

My dream role is to be a character (must be on the side of the hero ;)) in a sci fi/fantasy movie.

Catherine Sutliff

Either Desiree in a reboot of A Little Night Music or a kick-ass role in a Wacowski film. Either would be great.

Steve James

The best is yet to come...who knows what we will get the chance to play.

Anthony Pena

"Golden Boy, Dove in Walk on The Wild Side, Henry and Smiley in Zoot Suit" , which I've done and "Zorba The Greek, Zapata and Mountain the washed up Boxer, which I haven't.

Sam Inglese

A Challenge with a Great Director. I want any role that challenges me and has a director talented enough to guide me, those performing around and with me and the eyes to lead the cinematographer with a vision.

James D. Heffernan

I was very lucky to have already played two roles of a lifetime; Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof) in 2008 and Man in the Chair (Drowsy Chaperone) in 2014, I role I had wanted to play ever since I saw it on Broadway. But moving forward I would love to play a role in a major sci-fi film such as Star Wars, Star Trek or Independence Day or a recurring role on a sci-fi TV show.

Carline Yaimette

I would definitely die to play a Disney Princess, a DC or Marvel heroin/superhero, a sexy powerful independent kick-ass women/ sidekick, and a lead in an action movie. I would love for people to look at me like an inspiration due to the characters I could portray.

Katie Ghidossi

I agree with the first comment. I want to be an action heroine! It has been a dream of mine for years and a major motivator for me through these trials and obstacles in the industry. One day, one day. Thanks for asking!

Eric Bartsch

I always wanted to star in a horror flick or have a supporting role in a superhero movie.

Suzanne Bronson

Lady M on stage and I agree with superhero consensus

Debbie Croysdale

Elizabeth the first, or something bonkas like Cat Woman in Batman epic.

Rebecca Caldwell

I'd love something like James Bond!

Perry Goldman

Rebecca - yes please! You even have the look to pull it off; I think everyone would agree you'd look good in a tuxedo, too. Debbie - I'd like to see you in a crossover, where Catwoman goes back in time and takes QE1's place, please. Suzanne, Katie, and Carline: I'd buy a ticket to that. Girls need more representation in the action heroine genre. Sam - That reminds me of (a certain character I won't spoil) on Homicide: Life on the Streets. The character was written to have a stroke because the actor wanted a challenge. Tony, Cathy, and James: I wish I could cast you three in a sci-fi flick together right now. Galactic exploration, "meeting new sentient species just teaches us more about humanity" kind of stuff. Someday!

Debbie Croysdale


James D. Heffernan

Sounds good to me Perry, just let me know : >.

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