Acting : FUN POLL: Stuff or Services? by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

FUN POLL: Stuff or Services?

Let's say you have a $300 Visa Gift Card. What would you spend it on? Stuff or services? What would be your top three things?

Tasha Lewis

Karen “Kay” Ross if you have a moment, please answer my questions on the case study, trying to give you’ll a copy while I wrap up another one this week.

Doug Nelson

Shingle malt scotch from Isly Island.

Kacee DeMasi

I would use it to buy twelve $25 gift/restaurant gift cards and give them to the homeless!

Tasha Lewis

I would use for services that would assist with projects (professional development).

Shane Stanley

Good question. I would like to see the money go to services. I think most of us have enough 'stuff' (and I know you mean gear to advance your mission) but stuff is quickly outdated unless you go Doug's route and there's nothing wrong with that! I like the idea of services because you bless others and build relationships with someone other than the one trying to sell you said 'stuff' :)

Henrietta Szentes

new background for selftaping; good mic and 2 new studio light .

Sean O'Connor

New headshots

Karen "Kay" Ross

That is a fantastic answer, Shane Stanley! I, too, like employing services whenever possible, and partly because getting other people involved energizes me more than having stuff. In fact, stuff slows me down! But I like your view of it better - very gracious!

Sandeep Gupta

no frivolity re Shane's thought — still, am I the only one who thought pizza is both stuff and services? still plenty left over for headshots and ....

Tasha Lewis

Combining both works for all.

Vanessa Bamba

I would spend it on photos and a really good showreel . Or otherwise purchase some insightful classes online

Steve James

Headshots, I guess.

Luciano Mello

Half would go for script consulting 30min call and the other half to pitching sessions.

Maurice Vaughan

Use it for Stage 32 script services. :)

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thank you all for unofficially helping me ;-) I purchased a new ring light and voice-over classes WooT! You are quite right, Tasha, combining both DOES work! I'm saving those headshots for later in the year when I've had a chance to work off my COVID 15 LOL!

Tasha Lewis

Your welcome Kay. If you would like a fun Monday analogy for the Entertainment Industry. Frommers Guides City and country guides that allow you to live on daily budgets sometimes as low as $50 USD per day. When I lived in Europe, I used it and it served me well.

Aray Brown

Use it to buy an actual computer chair w/lumbar support and services of course

Kate Dones

Definitely services. due to current circumstances

1-Renew services

2- apply and obtain jobs

3- be able to afford all my other necessities

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