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Brooke Lawsing


When does it come after the contest winners are announced?

James Welday

Hi Brooke, may I ask which contest you're referring to?

Melanie Collup

I think it varies from one competition to the next. Some competitions I have entered and paid for feedback, I received the feedback before the competition was closed to submissions. It may also depend on when you submitted (i.e. early deadline vs. final deadline).

Karen "Kay" Ross

If this is a Stage 32 contest/feedback, you can email Nick to confirm any script services you've ordered.

Brooke Lawsing

Thanks so much for your consideration! I received excellent professional feedback at the end of the month. I entered the 6th Annual TV Writing Contest. It was my first entry and the experience was truly wonderful.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, @Brooke ! So glad to hear you found your experience valuable! Keep going, and keep us posted!

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