Acting : Finding a Monologue by Shauna Lebihan

Shauna Lebihan

Finding a Monologue

Hey everyone, As a drama student in college I am starting to look for monologues that I could use for university. I understand that the monologue has to be right for me. But I can't seem to find any. I was wondering if there was a playwrite that people could suggest that may be interesting and different. That no one would have seen before. I want to avoid the monologue books as I'm sure they have definitely been overdone. I am very open to different types of characters. And would love any knowledge, playwrites, or advice people have for me. Thank you!!

JD Hartman

A monologue can come from a favorite movie/movie character you identify with. Most scripts can be found online.

Shauna Lebihan

I never thought of movies, thank you.

Joseph Wade

I know this is probably way too late to help in any way, but I thought I'd offer my two cents anyway. Some of the best and most naturalistic monologues I've experienced in film are in the 'Before' Trilogy: 'Before Sunrise', 'Before Sunset', 'Before Midnight'. Truly excellent films, so innocent and evocative.

Barry Clifton

I recently discovered that I could download English subtitles for almost any film for free. They are usually in srt format that can be opened with Notepad and will appear as simple text. I can then copy and edit as needed to put together a monologue.

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