Your Stage : Freelancing? by Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)


FREELANCING - Can you use an online platform to showcase your Freelance Lifestyle and experience? Take a look at my PIlot Reality Web series soon to be Television and webseries.. and more.. called 'FREELANCING' if you're in Northern California and a Freelancers connect with me on Stage 32!

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

you don't have to be an actor at this time.. only a Freelancing business.. we will Segway into situational dramas for Television

London Moquin

when making a show or not if you do a free lancing note so show will look at how much you want to work with the point is if you go over the cost you want to do then that means more money at most if I was to do a movie I would do about at least $100 to about $500 is all you need basted on the state of where you are.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Thanks for your input London, there is more to this showcase.

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