Acting : Fringe Theater in the USA by Rashi Rosenzweig

Rashi Rosenzweig

Fringe Theater in the USA

Hey there fellow thespians. Lend me your ears! I have a very good opportunity that just opened for me in a fringe theater festival in the mid-west this coming July. My question is this: For a festival that is about a week long, featuring 3 short 20 minute plays that I'll be working in, that will be performed 6 times, what salary should I expect? Bear in mind, I'm an Israeli actor and I only belong to the Israeli Actor's Union and Israeli Performing Artist's Union. My ears are open. Hope to hear from some, most or all of you. Thanks!!

Uma Incrocci

Hi Rashi, this is a very tricky question - usually Fringe productions don't pay very much (if anything). In New York they do require any productions that use Union actors to use the Equity Showcase contract, which at one point (I'm not sure if it still does) required producers to pay the actors a stipend of $350. Usually these productions are over a longer of period of time than one week, but a total of about 6 performances. It really would depend on the budget of the festival and the kind of union contracts they are using (if any).

Rashi Rosenzweig

Thanks v.much for your response and advice.

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