Acting : Gift vs Bribe by Giselle Marie

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Giselle Marie

Gift vs Bribe

“Should I send gifts to Casting Directors?” This is a topic that a lot of aspiring actors and casting directors have a say on, however, it is an issue that prevails in the entertainment industry and for good reason. A lot of actors will send gifts to casting directors as a thank you after having booked a role. This has been an acceptable practice for some time now — when actors send gifts to secure casting opportunities, I think this seriously crosses a line. Sadly, the latter has become common practice. READ MORE HERE:

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

This is such a hot topic for actors...great article that you shared.

Giselle Marie

Thanks! It was a project of passion haha... I've seen some crazy stuff.

Melody McLellan

Great Post! Thanks for sharing!

Rafael Pinero

Well, I think it is also a common practice outside the entertainment industry, if you have a factory that manufactures something, it's common practice for the seller to take the buyer out for a meal or to send them gifts as a thank you of good business. And the buyer usually expects that.

Giselle Marie

Yes, that is true. Although my post is geared towards the relationship between actors and casting directors, this common practice can be found outside of this relationship. That, however, doesn't and shouldn't validate the "practice." In regard to people "expecting" gifts for something they did, it is no longer a gift. It's payment.

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