Acting : Have a Manager but looking for an Agent by Jessica Ristau

Jessica Ristau

Have a Manager but looking for an Agent

Jessica has had a Manager for 6 years. The issue is we don't hear from them very often and we'd like to expand and find an agent too! Sometimes we hear from the manager only after we have found the same ad ourselves and already submitted Jessica for the role and at times she has already booked it without the manager's help. Where does one find an Agent who will represent child talent in the Mid Atlantic area for acting/voice and any modeling? (post written by Jessica's mom)

Ben Phelps

If you're around in the NC/GA area, East Coast Talent Agency is looking for new submissions. You can find the link here:

Donald Smiley

Sounds like you might need a new manager. Typically, a manager will assist in getting your child an agent. Certainly, if you get an agent, they will take a hard look at the manager to see if it someone they can work with. So have a chat with your manager and see if they can be of assistance.

Jessica Ristau

Thanks guys. I checked out East Coast Talent, but they are not looking for people in my category at this time, plus not in the mid-Atlantic area. I think the issue is the manager has a certain agenda and certain favorites and we are not one of them. I can accept that we are not a favorite, and recently thanks to them we did get on a tv show we couldn't have been on without them. I will try to communicate with them more and see if I can get a conversation started.

Ransford Doherty

Have you ever asked your manager if there is an agent or agency that they would love to work with that can help expand your team to get the greatest reach?

Jessica Ristau

Hi Ransford, no, but I certainly can try.

Ransford Doherty

My reasoning behind that is that a manager can feel included instead excluded when you go with this approach. Also depending on the answer your manager gives, you can find out the names of agencies in the area and whether or not your manager can work well with other agents. If you manager doesn't connect with agents or feels threatened by agents, then that is not the kind of manager you want on your team. Also with the manager agent combo your eggs are never in one basket. With the manager agent combo, if your manager knows 10 people and the agent knows 10 different people, your daughter knows has 20 people who know her. Managers' can only do so much a far as getting you auditions, however agents get you more auditions.

Georgia Hilton

most managers i've dealt with from the producer/director/casting end don't find my actors jobs... in an overly simplistic view: their agents find them jobs, their managers keep them from being screwed by their jobs.... although i do know managers who might trip over a gig and forward it on, its not their principle role in life... that's probably one reason you don't hear from your manager often.

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