Acting : Headshot by Amy Hernandez

Amy Hernandez


Could this photo count as a headshot? Or does it need to be professionally done?

David Navarro

As in headshot for acting? Then it needs to be professionally done.

Amy Hernandez

Ok, thanks. I wasn't sure because someone had told me it didn't matter as long as my resume was on the back. I'll get it done professionally.

Debbie Croysdale

I would keep the photo for character roles that might want that type of funky pose. Some selfies are unforgiving but this one looks edgy.

Kelley Christene Watson

Get a professional photo.

Sam Borowski

Amy, as I prep for my twice-monthly acting workshop tomorrow - I teach it - please also consider that as a director and producer, I've worked with two Oscar-Winners and multiple Oscar-Nominees and the list keeps growing. (Feel free to check me out on IMDb.) I say this not to brag, but rather to give you a "professional" opinion. Get your headshots professionally done. It's something I call doing "The Bare Minimum," as an actor: 1. Professional Headshots. 2. Actual IMDb page with Actual Credits, Bio and some Awards. 3. Professional Reel with 2-4 QUALITY CLIPS! 4. Be enrolled in an Acting Class. These things are the "Bare Minimum" you can do as an actor.

Debbie Croysdale

Off course Professional Headshots are necessary in the Initial stages of Portfolio. I don’t dispute that. But if going for a part purely based on character, no harm in putting edgy shots in audition for certain role. This Selfie speaks a thousand more words, than a dank Magnolia space, amongst thousands of sterile shots.

Amy Hernandez

Sam Borowski Thank you for the advice! I am working on getting all of those things done, and thank you for being so clear and direct. It can be a bit confusing sometimes, especially when I hear so many things on what I should and should not focus on.

Amy Hernandez

Debbie Croysdale Thank you! I will keep your advice in mind.

Matthew Cornwell

What everyone said. Get them professionally done.

BUT! Here are a few tips to getting a better photo from your phone. First, stay away from the SELFIE camera. It puts you too close to the lens, which - due to its size - creates distortion at such a close distance. Compare your photo above to the others on your profile. Your features are enlarged with the selfie camera. So if you arrive in-person for an audition, I might be surprised by how different you look. Use the back-facing camera and either have someone else take it, or you use a tripod and the timer function.

If you have an iPhone, you can test out Portrait Mode for a more professional looking shot.

Also, even though the lighting looks fairly even in the photo, you might have better results outside, either on a cloudy day or in the shade to avoid direct sunlight. If you choose a nondescript background that is far enough away, you will get a better photo. I'm distracted by your background in the above photo (I think I just bought the same door handles that you have).

In conclusion, get professional headshots from a professional HEADSHOT photographer. If they do wedding photos exclusively, they are NOT a headshot photographer. They need to be a photographer who primarily focuses on getting actors their best headshot. Otherwise, you may get "stylized" shots that will be immediately rejected by any reputable agent. The best way to vet the photog is to get referrals from fellow actors, acting teachers, or agents.

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