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Sam Ornstein

Historical fiction...


Is anyone here in Stage32 interested in historical fiction?

My lifelong dream is partially realized with the completion of my historical fiction screenplay about ancient Egypt. I believe the world is ready for another epic film about ancient Egypt like The Ten Commandments and Cleopatra

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Bring it on!

Sam Ornstein

LOL! OK, Lindbergh. Does that mean you want to read my screenplay? If so, can I send a PDF?

Sam Ornstein

I can also send a hard copy if you prefer...

Nicholas In Seattle

Hi Sam, and Happy Thanksgiving 2020 to you and all! Sam, you'd do well to get yourself an Agent, and to register your works with the WGA. Your tease sounds interesting. Best wishes with it moving forward! Kindly always, Nicholas In Seattle 11.26.2020 12:01pm (pst) Stay Safe, WISE and thus WELL out there everyone!! God Bless!

Sam Ornstein

Hi Nicholas, thanks for the input. Getting an agent is foremost and at the top of my list. Everything I write is protected by copyright!

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, and safety from COVID.

Lydia Kalmen

I love historical fiction!

Sam Ornstein

Hi Lydia, you made my day. Thank you very much for responding, and even more loving historical fiction. Would you like to read my screenplay? If yes, please send your email. Hope you are well. I know it’s very tough in NY theses days. Be well and be safe...

Lydia Kalmen

Yeah, even though things are picking up a bit in NYC, it’s still a bit quiet. Although I did film an indie horror back in the spring. I’d love to read your script. I’ll send you my email in a private message.

Sam Ornstein

Looking forward to sending it to you...

Jameson Martel

Hey Sam! I wrote a script for a TV series that falls into historical fiction comedy. It's not quite that far back in history. Congrats on finishing your screenplay!

Neal Howard

One of my draws...historical non-fiction fiction. More inspired by little known singular person/events (with very limited factual information to go on) to maximize my leeway for creative license/storytelling. Have had great success with one script (post Civil War) and developing one other now (earlier 20th century). With a voracious appetite for WWII and related history also have my sights on writing one other from that period.

Ying Jie Wang

Dear Sam, I wish you happiness!

Zoelle Rose

I love historical fiction!

Louis A Blackshear

Sam Ornstein I'd love to see more biblical epics made! I've always wanted to see lessor known bible stories adapted.

Charisse Tyler

Not sure if you are Christian. But there are many reasons not to return; Deuteronomy 17:16 -- We got invited to our baby-sitters church to hear Christmas music (Chicago); it was composed by a close friend of ours - a musician all the way from San Diego. We attended and had a sermon about not returning to Egypt that one does not forget. My ex-husband even nicknamed our Bulldog Deuteronomy.

FWIW GO Where your heart leads you and do it, if that is your calling. ❤️

Monica Mansy

Sam Ornstein, I love the idea! I l am always ready for another story from ancient Egypt. I'm Egyptian and am here to help in any way I can!

Charisse Tyler

I actually did a little research, Reuters article out there about how Americans know Big Macs better than the 10 Commandments. And I liked the music comment to add a la "The Lion King" to DeMille's in a revival - Food for Thought

Steve James

Sword and Sandals !

Tonya Todd

Hi, Sam. Congratulations on your screenplay. Tell us the details. Where are you in the process? (first draft, 3rd draft, polished and finished?) How long is the screenplay? What are your goals with it, and how can this community help?

Loren E Chadima

I love historical fiction. I think The Crown, Downton Abbey are great examples that people like them and want more.

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