Acting : How Do You Get Vulnerable WithOUT Getting Too Personal? by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

How Do You Get Vulnerable WithOUT Getting Too Personal?

I chanced upon this really great article from Brene Brown, and it got me thinking - as an actor, we often find ourselves craving an environment that allows us to be vulnerable. The question is, how have directors fostered vulnerability without burdening you with too much personal information?

The article is not directly film-related, and yet I felt myself immediately applying it to my experience acting and being directed. What do you think? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

How to be vulnerable at work without spilling everything, from Brené Brown
How to be vulnerable at work without spilling everything, from Brené Brown
T On a special episode of the TED podcast WorkLife, Brené and organizational psychologist Adam Grant talk about what vulnerability in the workplace really means. Here's an excerpt from their perspect…
Stephanie Munch

Thanks for sharing Kay, I think this can be of interest to everyone! It's often hard to find the right balance... I'll read!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Honestly, I'm going to have to read it again because it's SO important to be vulnerable as an artist, but equally important to maintain professional boundaries when collaborating. Indded, hard to find the right balance is right! Thanks for commenting, and let me know how you enjoy it!

Steve James

You should know that your partner and you are professionals - check that with conversation. That means you know that they are going to 'disappear in character' when you start rehearsing/recording. Talk to each other as professionals: "let; try this', 'can we try this', 'I think my guy would do this.' Come to an agreement - both of you - with the Director - so as not to surprise anyone in the moment, and and try it. Be supportive, not scared.

Richard "RB" Botto

This is one phenomenal read, Kay. Bookmarked it to read again. Very powerful.

Ashley Renee Smith

What an amazing article. Thank you so much for sharing this Kay! We all know that the industry has a long history/reputation for not always respecting or even recognizing boundaries. Most performers spend the first decades of their careers afraid to put their own comfort, safety, and well-being first when there's so much pressure to do whatever it takes to get the job done. It's important to remember that we're all just humans doing our best. It may be the eternal optimist in me, but I think that the generations coming up have already put in real work to change some of that and set different standards. Being able to enforce early on that finding balance isn't easy, but is important, can really help those that are just starting down this difficult journey. This is how change starts.

Stephanie Munch

The conclusion of this article is crucial; there are words to say that you are not well and that you are likely to ask for help without saying too much. In fact this article has inspired me to make a video soon for my writer and creative friends, many of whom are going through tough times so a big thank you Kay :)

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