Acting : (AUDITIONS) How can you become a STAR if you don't act like one? by Stephen Anthony Bailey

Stephen Anthony Bailey

(AUDITIONS) How can you become a STAR if you don't act like one?

The Secret. The Laws of Attraction. The Power of Now. Whatever self-help/motivational material you need to get you in the mental frame to be a positive HUMAN BEING is extremely important if you want to work in the film industry. From boom op to editor to actor, our attitudes towards other, our work and most importantly ourselves is key. When you walk into the audition room--are you walking in like you are (insert A-lister here), a top notch actor who will deliver greatness to the role, or are you walking in with shoulders hunched, eye brows furrowed, not smiling because auditioning is a form of torture? Who gets the job? The next A-lister who just walked in confident or Grumpy McGee over in the corner sulking? I think even if you are still honing your craft, your attitude towards yourself and other people is a big deal. LET ME BE CLEAR--when I say act like an A-lister I DO NOT mean walk in and demand only red Skittles and a bottle of FIJI water because you think you deserve it. I mean act like a gracious star who is here to help propel this project to the moon. Be confident in the fact that you can deliver this material on the page in a way that will make the viewers freak the f*** out! It's easy. It's like this. Smile. Fake it. Just smile. Before you know it, what are your thoughts? Are you faking a smile and thinking of dead puppies? Probably not. If you are, stop acting and call a doctor. We have bigger problems. The smiling generally gives you a positive feeling. Awkward at first, but then it becomes natural and real. This is called acting! This is what you are naturally good at. So why do we get so down on ourselves to the point that we can't act confident? Because the industry is hard. It's unkind and unforgiving. This is true. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Also true! But we must find ways to keep ourselves happy and confident. Even if we fake it. Fake it til you make it. You have a better shot of doing something a star would do in reality if you pretend you are one in your fantasy. Now go to your mirror. Head high. Big beaming smile. That's it. Has anyone ever told you that you resemble (insert A-lister here)?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

This post is inspiring as hell Stephen!

Stephen Anthony Bailey

Why thank youJulie! ;)

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