Acting : How do you attract a cd in development stages? by Ken Belsky

Ken Belsky

How do you attract a cd in development stages?

Hey, Hello. Ken Belsky. New to 32, but hardly new to the "Biz". Have of necessity, taken the leap to writer/producer to mount assault on more control of my acting career. Project is written. ( soon to launch) Bible is almost complete. Need to assemble a few "recognizable names" to the ensemble cast before I approach Cable Networks. How do you get the interest of CD at this stage?

Curtis McGann

Ken, please keep me in mind when you are looking for actors.

D Marcus

Very, very difficult. Not impossible, but very, very difficult. When you need commitments from "recognizable names" that means they are putting the "names" and reputations on the line. For you. If you cannot interest a cable network (for any reason) it isn't YOUR name that will suffer - it will be their name. I know you know this because you are not new to the business. Few agents are interested in a project without a firm money offer. You've been around for a while so you know agents. I suggest you start there first. Use your personal connections. Find an agent who believes in you as a person. If not an agent then a CD. I'll assume you don't have a personal connection with a CD or you wouldn't be asking here. So I suggest agents. CD's don't usually send out notices for actors if there is no money attached. So the only way I know of is to pitch to all of them. You may find one that way.

Ken Belsky

Yes, it all makes very practical sense. Like the way you think. Glad you are part of the network. In your travels in theatre, have you come across the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, Ca? KEN B

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