Acting : How to get a break as an actor in Hollywood by Dorein Paul

Dorein Paul

How to get a break as an actor in Hollywood

Hi, my name is dorein. I am an international grad student from India. Came here finished my masters in CS from a shady school that got deacredited and so I am pursuing a second masters in Information system security. Since all the money that I saved up(or my mother's rather) went into the first degree that is useless now. I am unable to pay up for the second degree. Why the heck am I saying all this? I really didn't know how else to start my monkey back story and garner some sympathy. Having said all that I have least interest in IT. But I do have great interest in entertaining people and being critically acclaimed as an actor; who can intrigue the minds of people. If that's a little too much. Just tell me where to start applying for the casting couch.

Thanks and have a great day readers.

Dan LaRoy Young

Just get a job in web development. It doesn’t require a degree.

Dorein Paul

we are not on linkedin sir. I want to act. Do you have something for me?

Tyler Silvers

I think the best thing to do is start making your own short films and acting in them, and going from there.

Stephen Foster

audition and network. use any work you get to pitch to people in the industry!

Aziza Al-Tawil

Making short films as demos is a great way to go. It's what I did and it snagged me an interesting role in a thriller "Grave Caller" released on July 3rd to DVD. When the director was looking for someone I sent one of my short films and he didn't even need me to audition-he knew I was "the one."

Dorein Paul

Thanks Az I guess. That's the way to go. And networking as Stephen said. And above all if it's meant to be it'll

Happen. But making films and networking is the way to put your talent out there for directors to see. Thanks again. And it's my birthday today July 1. Just turned 28. Thank you. Have a good one. Cheers.

EvansActor Formica

Don't ever use the term 'casting couch' again. It never had a positive connotation. Now with harvey weinstein and kevin spacey, it is even worse. You really don't want to be associated with that term. Not even jokingly.

Dorein Paul

wait what? It's the truth isn't it?

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