Acting : I got a call thinking i got booked but i actually got offered a backround gig now it really hurts me by Matt Jablonski

Matt Jablonski

I got a call thinking i got booked but i actually got offered a backround gig now it really hurts me

Has this ever happened to anyone before? i feel like im not being taken seriously now and wondered is that all these casting directors see me as when i go for these roles? I feel like ive been punched in the face emotinally. I kindly turned it down it was for a music video.

Matt Jablonski

i have 1 agent i dont like i have 1 who believes in me so strongly 1 i dont have an acting website 2 im about to have a demo reel 3 i only have one photostill from the director of the music video im the lead for took 4 after seeing all my stuff last night my roomate says im definately a dramatic actor but i would do almost anything for the part

Matt Jablonski

but ive gotten all my stuff through my own submissions

Matt Jablonski

it was putting you down and offering me a backround role an extra that made me feel like i wasnt worth anything to him and he was trying to use me as it was non union. if it was union it would be worth it but $80 for 8 hours? and i went in there for a main role not a backround role.... Everyone i talked to says i made the right call ive aready done music videos i was the backound/lead for. You can tell in his voice he knew i was not going to take it as soon as he offered it to me.

Patrick Freeman

As an indie writer/director I look at a lot of actors of all levels of experience. If there is no reel there's nothing I can see so I move on to the next one. Remember there is ALWAYS someone else who can do the job. When you do get a reel make sure it shows EVERYTHING you're capable of. What I look for is range. For example, I'm writing a project with a female lead. When I look at an actress I want to know, can she do action, comedy, believable drama? If all I see are trailers that don't showcase the actor in question it doesn't help me. One lady actually has a feminine product commercial as her reel. OK, that doesn't help me much.

Matt Jablonski

Honestly my reel is going to have a lot of range from comedian to having very high energy to very dramatic. I questioned if I should do range of emotions on my reel but after seeing what you wrote I should!! I'm really excited to showcase it very soon unfourntely there is no speaking parts but everything is very well done and I bring each character alive in everyone one of my things so far I'm 4/4

Andrew Bee

Hi Matt. Getting into the business as late as I am I am fortunate to bring into this career a lot of experience. Life is almost never personal. I have seen actors and writers I know shut down for weeks or months and not write or act because they got their feelings hurt. The thing I work on all the time emotionally is to never take it personally. As actors we make ourselves completely bananas by playing the mind reading game. We give all our feelings, everything we are to this business and when we don't get the desired results, we get hurt and start to blame and get bitter and angry. This is why so many stall out and quit. There are always two truths: Our cups are half full and half empty. We choose which way to feel about it. The work, for me, is to focus on getting better and better. Trust your feelings about your roles, and as hard as this is to do, don't look back! Treat this like a business and learn. I am reading all the time about this business. It's not about our talent, it's about how we use it to create a successful career. I wish you all the best.

Matt Jablonski

Thank you yeah this definately is a good way to look at it i honestly never stop to think to myself what the casting director is thinking when im going into an audition.

Andrew Bee

No sweat.

Debbie Croysdale

What? You turned something down? Even if you hate whats offered, use it for experience, or even to make contacts. Agree with Andrew, In the main, nothing is personal. I know the feeling though, the violent excitement of doing an audition, followed by a negative void. Two extreme and opposite emotions in the space of minutes, no wonder young performers can feel left hit by a punchbag. I used to try not to think at all, the more anticipation, the worse I felt if not chosen. Keep up the auditions, good luck!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Matt, this is a quote from Stella Adler, often repeated by Marian Seldes. Memorize it and say it to yourself once a day: "There are no small parts -- -- there are only small actors."

Martha Ann Ayres

The above quote is also in 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever', I've said it several times on stage!!

Laura Cross

Matt, I'm a writer and indie producer. Last summer I auditioned actors for a role I needed to fill for a short action/war film I was producing. I saw many amazing up-and-coming actors. Three of them really stood out for the role and I wish I could have cast them all in the part. The director and I ended up selecting one of the three actors -- and it simply came down to his "look". The actor needed to "look" like his character for the audience to believe it. I was so impressed with the other two actors we didn't cast in the role, and I still wanted to give them some opportunity knowing I would definitely cast them in a future project, that I offered both of them roles as "extras" - no dialogue but seen prominently in two scenes. One of the actors turned down the offer, saying it was an insult. The other actor was enthusiastic and came on board as a background actor. The first day of production, one of our main actors arrived drunk and unable to perform. I had to move another actor who was already on set into his role so we didn't lose a day of shooting. This left me with the problem of having to now fill that actor's role with another actor on short notice. I knew my "enthusiastic background actor" was the right guy. I offered him the part, and he stepped up and did an amazing job acting in an important scene opposite our lead actor (Eric Roberts). Needless to say, I will hire this actor again. The actor who informed me he was insulted that I even offered him a background role, will probably never hear from me again. The other amazing actor who already had a small role and stepped into a main role - on the first day of shooting no less (!) - was also my hero ; )) How do you think this producer is going to remember that actor? Both of these actors have a fan and cheerleader in me for life, and they have added quality material to their reels. Both of these actors were able to step up because they were prepared for opportunity. You never know how it is going to arrive. Sometimes, opportunity may at first look like misfortune. I encourage you to take that with you as you move forward. Wishing you all the best with your endeavors.

Matt Jablonski

This was for a short film right? Honestly music videos are like eh but if the same thing happened and it was for a film I probably wouldn't turn it down. Thank you very much for the inspiring story I'll keep that in mind probably think about it all day as I head to my audition and look at the big week I may have ahead of me

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