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Acting : I have been in a few films & one commercial...I am Chuck Waldrop by Chuck Waldrop

Chuck Waldrop

I have been in a few films & one commercial...I am Chuck Waldrop

Nice to meet you! I am Chuck Waldrop and I had no plans to act...esp at age 60!! I took my grandson to hook him up with an agent, & they said they always need older men with character in their face! Not sure if that was a compliment or not, but not being the sensitive type, I finally agreed to sign up. Within a month, I had been in two movies...one extra, & the other I was a featured extra...with a line!! Next I did a 2 1/2 minute commercial where they gave me a few "talking points" & just let me run with it! Lately I was in a zombie movie...45 minutes in makeup & 35 seconds to kill me with a pipe wrench...lol! The zombie directors have two new projects they want me to have a larger part in. I am a retired firefighter from Birmingham, AL. I never had any plans to be in acting, but it is kinda' fun! Well, I won't take up any more time...just thought I'd put myself out here...who knows? Thanks, Chuck

Christen Norman

Congratulations on your new career! Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Hope your grandson is also having success with his auditions.

Cody McDowell

Where would you say is a good place to get an agent?

Molly Kerr

Congratulations! Welcome to the craft. I'd usually say condolences but you're doing better than me and I've been trying to get to your stage for over a decade! :D

Chuck Waldrop

Keep plugging away...never get discouraged! Rejection is part of the learning process.

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