Acting : I need help! by Skyler Chase

Skyler Chase

I need help!

Hey, my name is Skyler. I'm 16 and I want to become an actor. It's been my dream for over three years now! The problem is I have no idea where to start! I've looked online for auditions and for people to take my headshot, but I can't find anything! Can anyone help me on how to start out in this business. I don't want to put my dream on hold any longer! I also live in North Carolina, if that has anything that can help.

Mugisha Giovannie Feruzi

Try to find some theatre. A play is a great place to develop your talent.

Skyler Chase

And then slowly build from there? Is it a good way to get noticed? And does it make it easier when making the jump to film?

Rosalind Winton

Also, see if you can get a little job in a theatre front of house, or backstage, even volunteering for a time helps too and is good to put on a resume. I agree you should join a drama group of some kind to train and if they put on shows that will give you experience to build on. My daughter did that and she was in a show in a London theatre, she was also in the under 19s version of Les Miserables, which, though was amateur was hailed as good as the West End version.

Dino Schachten

Good advice so far. If you've got some friends with similar interests and some time to spare you might consider writing and shooting sketch- or short-film-like videos to put on Youtube. Some people have become unexpectedly popular that way. At the very least, you all will gain a lot of experience and practice as well as footage to present. Plus you can start right away! :)

Amanda Toney

Hey Styler we have some great webinars here on Stage 32 that talk about the business of acting - how to get headshots, how to put together a resume and demo reel, and all of that good stuff. If you go to EDUCATION on the top menu bar and then go to WEBINARS you will find lots of great resources to help steer you in the right direction in your career. Best of luck!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

You're gotten some good suggestions. I'll add one more general one. (You may have thought of this/have this covered. If so, ignore my comment.) Be prepared to make some mistakes. "OMG, I did X when I should have done Y or not X or whatever." Assume that will happen. Don't be too down about it. As Henry Ford said, 'Failure is merely the opportunity to start over better informed.' I say this because you're undertaking an extremely difficult task and just as you may train yourself physically, professionally, you also should train yourself psychologically for the inevitable 'bumps in the long road ahead'.

Kevin Wright

I would start with The website is free to join and apply for castings. They are usually unpaid, but you can be an extra or something like that. We all start out with unpaid work and you're usually compensated in something other than cash. Take a look

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