Acting : I want YOU in my movie. by Heather McMullin

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Heather McMullin

I want YOU in my movie.

Hello everyone at Stage 32! I love this community and love everyone's passion for all things "stage" related. I have written a script and am currently approaching production companies to get funding. One of my goals in making my film is to MAKE AS MANY DREAMS COME TRUE AS POSSIBLE! When I shot the trailer to accompany my script my absolute favorite part of the process was auditioning actors and then calling them to let them know they got the part. Making dreams come true is simply magical and does my heart so much good. If you are interested simply tell me why you love acting and "friend" request me right here on stage 32 so when the time comes I can contact you. Wish me luck friends!!

Amanda Toney

Hey Heather - love your attitude! :) When you're ready to cast make sure you use the Stage 32 JOBS section!

Adrian James Anderson

I love acting because it is the only way in my life to escape. Escape anything; normality, chaos, day-to-day activities, etc. It is the only thing in my life I'm passionate about.

Steve Williams

I like to use the talent given to me to brighten a day or two for the people out there.

Michael J Smyth

Hi Heather, great sentiments. I love acting as it allows me to become someone totally different, to tell a story that makes people laugh or cry or just make them think.

Abdulai Barrie

i have passion for acting, all i need is the opportunity then am ready ti give my all, i believe in my self....

Jacklyn Lea

Hi Heather, love the post! I've loved acting since I as a child making "movies" with my Barbie dolls. I love pretending to be somebody else and go into a whole new world! Plus I want to prove to people that I can and that I will live my passion, that it's possible!

Rick Jey

I love your way of reaching people and hopefully making someone's passion all that much more. I am a seasoned actor and never have I lost my desire to please an audience. This goes all the way back to my first grade school musical. Please consider me in any future projects. Check out my IMDb and current projects that I am involved in. Twitter: @jarick44 email: cell: 573-645-4507 Facebook: Rick Jey

Diana de Rosa

I love acting because it allows me to follow my passion in between the day-to-day grind of my normal job. After all these years of working hard I can finally do something I enjoy and love and that's being in front of the camera. As a writer and photographer I can then write about and photograph the journey in my NY Acting Scene column.

Curtis McGann

Heather, this is great. I love your view on life. I love acting because it's the one thing that I would (and did) do even if I didn't get paid for it. When I'm on set, I get lost in the characters world. The reason why I started pursing acting more seriously recently is because I want to show people that you can always chase your dreams. Each of us was blessed with specific passions, dreams and talents to back those up. It doesn't matter how old someone is or what they've done int he past,, what matters is that you love what you are doing. For me, acting is that dream. That one place where I feel completely free. I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Thanks Heather. Good luck to you in everything you are doing. Your positive and helpful attitude will lead you to do amazing things. I look forward to following your career and hopefully being a part of it.

Craig Lemons

I've been acting since 2006, and stay as busy as possible!! I LOVE IT! I've enjoyed many experiences on set with some very talented people. My place is on set, in front of a camera!! Passion should drive everybody to be the best they can be. It can be hard work, but it's always a lot of fun. It sounds like you have that passion to and work very hard. It would be a pleasure to work with you some day. Take care.

Hank Nae

only10 respond ? well o.k. its only 2 days ago . so now u have 11 respond lol

Deborah Madick

I wanted to say hello and congratulate you on all your projects. I am an actress. This is my second time around in the industry, or rather the first and I say that because the first time out of college, I really didn't know what I wanted, I was too scared to ask for help and was quite frankly lost. Now, several years later, I have a different perspective, I see more than my side of the business. I'm not afraid to research, ask questions and most importantly, I'm not afraid of failing. I love acting. Why? Breathing life into the written word, finding out what makes this person who they are, discovering how that essence is connected and navigating the path of what I see, feel or believe and then in turn matching that vision to that of the director and the story. Have an amazing day! Deborah

Renee Horton

Hi Heather!! I love to see people going after Dreams and making them happen too! It has to feel Amazing to do that for others. I love Acting bc I've always enjoyed History, learning people's stories, other cultures, and I like being able to express so many sides to myself in someone else's shoes, so to speak:). I've been Acting, Dancing, and Singing since I was a little girl. My mom was a piano and voice teacher and I grew up in South Carolina. They had no idea how to be in the entertainment business, so I had to learn, grow, and teach myself... Trial and error. They did put me in the right classes and everything though and it's been a crazy Amazing journey! I feel most alive on set!

Rene' Perez

Hi, Heather, I would love to audition for you. I have loved acting since I got my first role in college. I have acted in films and theatre including The Miracle Worker as Annie Sullivan to sold out crowds. It was an interracial cast and it was an awesome experience. I was an extra in Draft Day that came out last year and in Old Fashioned which comes out on Valentines Day of this year. My daughter, Ange'le co-starred in Old Fashioned. She is SAG eligible. She is 7 years old now and she wants to act in more movies. Please let me know when you are auditioning actors again. My email is Thanks. Take Care.

Ben Phelps

Hi Heather! I would love the opportunity to audition for you. I believe acting comes with being yourself and having fun. Ever since I was young, I would love being in front of the camera no matter what it may be. Whether it was making a fool out of myself, or doing professional camera work, I always get a joy out of doing it. I don't find acting something that you just have to do. I find it to be fun, serious, and you gotta have a hard work ethic. I was always a competitive swimmer, so my drive to do the very best and my nature of being competitive and having a work ethic has always helped me with getting jobs, in which I always do my best. I'm always a team player and have proper communication with everyone because that's a necessity when you do any job. I appreciate the commitment you have to stage 32 and I would love to audition for your film. Thank you!

Gregg G Lawrence

Hi Heather. Character actor with over 45 years experience here. I live to act. Loved it from the very first time I went onstage and never even thought about doing anything else. I thrive on the energy being in front of an audience generates and have learned to translate that into my film performances. My characters tend to be bigger than life (just as I am) and are beloved by audiences. Just found out yesterday a film I did in 2009 is going to have a sequel. In spite of the fact that my character died, the film makers (and audiences) liked me so much they are going to bring me back. (Ghost? Twin brother?) Would love to be a part of your project.

Rick James

Love to be your cinematographer or director.

Marc Turner

Keep me in mind as an Editor. I've got my own editing suite with After Effects.

Eden Allegra Young

Hello Heather, you & your spirit are inspiring in an age where many people have forgotten their humanity. Acting! What's there not to love! Get in touch when you start casting your project; I would love to work with you. Truly, Eden Allegra Young

Taylor Hay

If you need an older teen/20, I hope you'll keep me in mind!

Amy Lloyd

Heather, your positive and generous spirit comes right off the page. I remember an old drama school teacher saying,"You can't be all that happy in your own skin if you want to jump into someone else's," meaning all actors are wishing to escape themselves. But I don't believe that at all. I love acting for the chance to live many more lives than my own. People and the choices they make,why they love, and the things they fight for are endlessly fascinating to me. I adore being an actress and an artist. And clearly so do you!

Danny C Walters Jr

Wow Heather! That's a pretty cool place to be, where your at. I am just finishing my rough script and now working on formatting it. I hope you catch a shark with your pitches! Contact me anytime if your in need of a 6'4'' 36 year old actor, I'm starving out here! LOL.

Hank Nae

o.k. o.ku got me but don't push ur luck

Jeremy Ebenstein

Great, I want to be in your movie.

Layne Herrin

Hey!, I would love to be apart of your project. Please reach out when ever you can. :)

Drummond S. Macdougall

Hi Heather, I absolutely LOVE your bright shiny attitude and desire to succeed while doing GOOD things. BRAVO! It would seem you'd resonate with my moto "LOVE LIFE and LIVE IT to the FULLEST, in HAPPINESS and HEALTH". LOL :) I would love to be in your movie, especially if I can enhance it for you. I adore acting and have taken on projects for lots of pay and for no pay always depending on the 'heart' and 'intention' of the film. I absolutely LOVE the process of embodying a character in such a powerful and authentic way such that my performance moves the audience - whether as a reminder or a new ah-ha! I LOVE telling stories that move people closer to their greatness that lies within. I'd love to read your script - feel free to send it to me when the right time comes, and it would be a blast, and my privilege, to play with you in making it a success when that time comes. To your expanding successes and vibrant health. Cheers, Drummond :) (

Jon Ray

I act because it's in my blood and tradition. I had family members out here during the silent film era and I've returned to Hollywood to continue that tradition.

Mwabeni Indire

Hello Heather, I love acting because I can express how I would react in whatever situation a script presents, without any inhibition. I just get to be myself! Thank you. Beni.

Heather McMullin

I just want to say that I am so so happy to be connected with you all and love that I can keep all your contact info. right here on stage 32. Wish me luck in moving forward!!

Rene' Perez

You go, girl!

Rashon Washington

I would love to be considered for this.

Drummond S. Macdougall

How cool is that Heather !! You've got some amazing responses for your Film. I got back into acting after beating cancer 10 years ago because I wanted to move people to action with stories that can change the world. My focus, of course is changing this corrupt and misguided "Illness System" we (the people) have allowed to exist and spawn bloated, self-serving and corrupt Big Pharma, Big Investment banking and Big Food industries - to name a few. AND I am interested in any story that speaks about the human condition and can move us forward to better ourselves and those around us … with Love as a key ingredient! So! I'd love to collaborate - just call! All the best of expanding successes and vibrant health to you Heather. Drummond :)

Suzanne Bronson

I love acting because there is nothing I enjoy more. I have never felt so alive as when I am onstage performing in front of an audience.

Paul Landrum

Props to you Heather! I love acting to recreate impactful human experiences that bring out emotion in others. I also enjoy meeting fellow actors or others in the business to learn from them, and understand how they got where they are. I am very interested in being a part of your film, and in any case good luck! ~Paul

Celeste Allen

Heather, I am making Acting my all time Favorite Career!! It's something that I love doing!! It's Always an exciting day on the set!! I love meeting & inter acting with all persons I come in contact with!! I've always wanted to be an actress; but being a single mom & college student I had other pressing obligations to attend to at that time!! Now i have the time to focus on my acting career!! I wish u the all the best in your film / movie career!! Maybe we can work together on the same project one day; "Your Film"!!!

Angela Allen

Heather Congrats on your vision coming alive! As I am new to this Industry I have found all possibilities are endless with great passion for being a part of telling a story. The possibilities creat excitement, passion and endurance to keep trying and to never give up your dreams.

Patti Nedham-Valero

Hello Heather first off congrats. I would love to participate in your movie and making your dream come true. I love the one part i had in a movie many years ago. I have to act everyday while at work and be flexable. Look forward to hearing from you and keeping up with your progress.

Patti Nedham-Valero

In my profession as a fire fighter I have to adapt to many different personalities. I am very jazzed up to get my first break.

Rick James

Wow Patti you go girl!

Michelle Jeanmard

Hey congrats!!! That's awesome. What do I love about acting...simple. I can become someone,ANYONE, else. The best part is when I'm completely engulfed in character and I can step out of myself then look back at myself. Strange feeling but what a rush!!

Celeste Allen

Hi Heather, I'm so excited & happy for u!! I hope everything works out for u!! I would love to be a part of ur movie cast!! I wish we lived closer, so we could collaborate together!! I just finished up working on the movie "Creed" being shot here in Philly!! It was great & I met a lot of awesome people!! I wish u all the best on ur movie!! I truly enjoy working with other actors to make this movie the best it could be! Maybe we can work together some day!!

Heather McMullin

Thank you so so much Celeste!! I wish we were closer too. I love getting together with other people that love all things film and am grateful that I can save all the names who are interested in my project in one place. That way when my movie is a go I know where to find everyone!!

Sandra Linz

Sounds great! I live acting because I just have to do it. It is what I am, many people in one.

Jacob Todd

I would love to be apart of your film. Im passionate about acting because actors/actresses have the ability to persuade, give hope, build up people. For the hour or so the film is playing, you have the ability the change an individuals life. Not to mention it gives me a rush that i can't get enough of, you get to show different side of yourself, also experience being someone you never thought to be. Being an actor is who i am, i love it and i can't imagine doing anything else. It is an art I'm daily expanding and becoming better at.

Rob Pawlikowski

I love the whole process of acting. I'm primarily a stage actor, and I love working with directors and other actors, exploring characters, story, movement and all the aspects of vocal expression - whispers, shouts, laughs, cries, singing and silence. When we finally get in front of an audience, I love it when I can sense everyone is involved in the story. The best part is the moment between the line and the laugh - there's an electricity in the air, and then the tension breaks, and we're all sharing a breath. Sure, I like the applause at the end, but truly, the journey is the reward. My one wish would be that we could get more people to come to our performances. I generally work at a little theater that seats 70 people, and in a 12 show, four weekend run, we might sell out 2 or 3 shows. So please, cast me, and let's explore a story together. Let's pull it all apart, and figure out how "once upon a time" can lead to "they lived happily ever after". Let's give people the gift of a story. because a story is second only to a lullaby.

Jerome K. Wright

Hey Heather! I am a very animated person and love every aspect of acting and film making. People have been so supportive and taken such a liking to my work that I had no other choice but to put my all into my artistic capabilities and soar!

Brendan L. Wenger

Hi Heather, Acting is my passion. I love everything about it! This is what I want to do with my life....I feel most alive when I am on stage (and recently on film). I feel blessed to be 18 and already have had 7 years of acting experience. I am ready to work hard at expanding my skills in all areas of acting! Please keep me posted on your future projects. I would love to be involved!

Jonathan Roberts

There's nothing more fun and enjoyable than being on set. It is my passion Heather did you find a production company. I may know someone

Michelle Jeanmard

I love acting because it gives me the chance to immortalize myself for my children, grandchildren and so forth. They will always know what I looked like, sounded, how I moved, etc. one day I'll be gone but part of me will be here for them to remember always.

Rob Pawlikowski

Ironic - one of the reasons I act is an inability to have children - my characters are like my children. They are reflections of myself in different places and times.

Keith Lopez

I wish you the very best with this. I had to finish a carrier, before I could begin acting in a serious mode. I am always ready to work and give all to a production. Travel is not a problem.

Abdulai Barrie

i have passion for acting , i will be glad if called uopn a play a part in your script

Jeff Arballo

I would love to view the trailer. Is there a link? Hopefully we can help you shoot your film.

Sam Inglese

Acting in NYC, NJ, Chicago, and a 3 year time out in Colorado for the sake of my daughter with Downs. My heart is being kept aloft performing for U of C student films. I will be in LA for my first time in June to visit family. What can I do and where should I go and with what in my hands as I search for work and an Agent.

Rick James

Good luck Sam

Elisabeth Meier

Good luck, Heather! :)

Abdulai Barrie

every thing about me is acting, i eat acting , i sleep acting, this is in me i av passion for it i would be glad if you give me the opportunity to explore my talent

Soso DaSilva

Hi Heather! Welcome to Stage 32! I am an actor living in Houston TX but am willing to travel! My IMDB is Would love to work together some day! -Soso

Laura Seabrook

Sounds exciting, Heather! Congrats!! =)

David Jaster

Hi, Heather. I am David. Along with the others, I wish you good luck (which is probably 90% hard work) on your project. I'm writing this quick note now, to apprise you of my interest in a potential role in your film. I believe I have a uniqueness that can be appreciated in this industry. Thank you.


I love acting because it gives me that ability to express myself in ways that I normally wouldn't be able to in my reality. This is very cathartic and gives meaning to my life.

Abdulai Barrie

hi heather, i it would be a dream come true if u consider me in ur project, acting is my life , this is what keep me moving when ever am on set i make sure i give my all because i love and have passion for acting, please dont forget me on your project

Wayman Michael Farmer

Hi Heather.... I love acting because it allows me the opportunity to behave truthfully, under imaginary circumstances creating artistically and instinctively. Using my gift to help bring artistic vision to life.

Chris Connell

I love acting because I'm driven to touch, move, inspire and entertain. That's my personal mantra and thats what makes me happy :)

Christie Claymore
truth #love #evolution
David Andrade

Thanks Heather to share your energy with us! ;)

Joaquín Carrasquilla

Hello Heather, Im an artist too, I like acting because it's like painting with your feelings, I would love to be part of your projects. Cheers, Joaquín.

Kriss Sprules

I love acting because it gives me an escape from real life and a chance to make my kids proud of me. Give me a shout if you need a British guy!

Destiny "kodi" Parsons

Hi MovieMaker, Let me start of by introducing myself. My name is "Destiny Parsons." Why do I love acting? Well, I love acting because it brought me back to life after a very traumatic experience that took place about eight years ago. I felt like I didn't have a purpose. It was literally like someone came down and breathed into my nose and mouth the first time I nailed it for the director on set! I was sleeping for many years and most that know me, would say they didn't think I would walk away from that one! With that being said, that's why I perform! Because it brings me great joy to express myself in a graceful way! I see stars and it's a rush like no other! I found my Destiny! love to collaborate on future projects! 2015/DpReel:

Jorge J Prieto

Love acting because it allows me to enter the mind and soul of my characters and hopefully touch, teach ,change and inspire the life someone in my audience.

Sam Inglese

It has been an uncontrolled love and excitement, challenge and revelation, exchange and opportunity to give from within. I have never lost my passion since being the scarecrow in Peter Rabbit at age 8. Over 30 productions on stage and screen. A graduate of NYU added method acting to my list of tools to use to uncover and release in perspectives necessary to create life identifying characters for the audience when needed by the style of the work.

Sean O'Connor

Well, Heather. What a wonderful attitude to have and yes, that phonecall or email gives such a good feeling. I took up acting at age 41 and haven't stopped since. Starting to get feature film roles and recently auditioned (self-taped) for a Hollywood movie with some big names. Maybe one day, when I get to the USA we can work together. Please have a look at my reel to see that acting is my passion and I love it because it liberates the heart and soul to go on an adventure that even I don't know where it is taking me...

Jorge J Prieto

Excellent work, Sean, on your 2015 acting reel. Congrats, buddy. Heather, is the M.I.A. it seems. Or a very busy girl.

Alisha Seaton

How did it go? I see your post is 4 years old. Would love to know an update on your project!

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