Acting : I want to be, an actor. by Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

I want to be, an actor.

What, is an actor? What, does he do & what, forms of screenplays are generally, handed to them? Thanks ,stage 32. Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Molly Kerr

"Typically an actor will attend auditions, rehearse for their role and deliver this performance to an audience." STARTING SALARY: $4000 pa SENIOR SALARY: $62000 pa AVERAGE SALARY: $45000 pa Average weekly hours for a full time actor is 41.6 hours You really seem to be going into this a little bit haphazardly so let me share some questions with you that you need to ask yourself and answer fully, in your own time. How do you feel about being broke most of the time? How do you feel about being exploited most of the time? Do you have people around you who can support you financially and encourage you? Do you know any actors you can talk to about their experiences? Do you like acting? Do you watch movies, plays and other media and enjoy watching other actors? Are you interested or good at anything else? Are you sure you want to be an actor? Do you have any experience? What is your acting background? Do you have any other performance skills? Why do you want to be an actor? What are interested in doing? Theatre, film, web-series etc… Who do you know in the industry or doing a film-making course? Is there anything else in the industry you’d like to try? At what level do you want to act? Hobbyist, amateur, professional, indi? What transferable skills/talents do you have? Before you worry about having screenplays handed to you, you'll be wanting an agent. An acting agent may or may not also be your career manager. They will have working relationships with the casting directors, directors and producers and production companies. NEVER pay an agent upfront fees for representing you. They will take up to 15% commission from any work they get you but that’s all that is reasonable. In Perth there are four main acting agencies. You'll also want training (finding a great acting coach and acting buddies is a wonderful experience anyway) and will probably work for free a lot, as part of an unofficial apprenticeship in the film/theatre industry until your name and face and skills are known widely. Then you may get paid to act. “If you give audiences half a chance, they’ll do half your acting for you,” -Katherine Hepburn Helpful sights to research all this for yourself:

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