Acting : Intellectual property rights: how to raise awareness? by Roberto Lazzaro

Roberto Lazzaro

Intellectual property rights: how to raise awareness?

Dear friends,

how many of you believe that is possible to fight infringement in intellectual property rights starting raising awareness between people that stay around us and teaching them about the impact of their behavior?

Do you feel like this is a touching issue?

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Olaojoyegbe Bolarinwa

Can anyone intellectual property rights be breached nowadays? I hardly can believe that it still happens nowadays. I think every adult, and even the teenagers are very aware of protecting their intellectual properties. Well, may be for the children that are coming up to be fully aware of the need to safely secure what are theirs from being stolen from them.

Jennifer Fisher

I think it's an unwinnable battle and we're better off spending that time creating. To a certain point, what is the impact of the behavior of one individual once they have access to our content without paying? Once the content is at that level the damage is already done.

Julie Campbell

Hi Robert, nice to meet you via Stage 32 thanks for the invite.

Sincerely, Julie

Debbie Croysdale

@Jennifer@Gilberto ...Agree.

Debbie Croysdale

Creating Intellectual content and copywriting is just rule of thumb. There will always be someone who wants to COPY (whether copyright or not) but they have to be in same mind as creator, and inevitably cannot carry original idea through.

Kinney Scott

I have had all my names stripped from groups I created and choreographed and erased from by this I need this advice i have over ------ dollars worth of videos I created on stage and traveling in movies hard part is half my crew are deceased or lost thier minds or dont know

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