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International Acting Agency's

Hi,  this question may sound a little amateur but I'm going to ask regardless.  I have been told numerous times I could get acting work in the Middle East or in some Asian countries which is encouraging to hear.  However does anyone know any correct way to approach agency's in these countries? Should I just email/phone the top agents directly?  Would anyone have any recommended agencies to contact?
I am listed with an agency in Melbourne, Australia but am looking to expand my work opportunities abroad. 
Along with Australian films, I have been in several Punjabi and Hindi films (speaking roles), just recently acted in an Egyptian Music Video (with Arabic dialogue). To add to the context to this question,  I am multilingual in Serbian, German (basic), some Arabic and a little Mandarin, Greek and Spanish.
Any info would be most appreciated and I feel a lot of actors could benefit from this conversation in general as post doesn't have to be directed solely at myself.

Vumile Mngadi

Hi Natalie, thanks so much for this post.I've been trying to figure this out too, but to get roles in the USA and/or get an international agency..hopefully someone will shine some light of this topic

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