Introduce Yourself : Introduction by Allie Maldonado

Allie Maldonado


Hello my fellow creatives! My name is Allie and I am a Lubbock, Texas based actor. I'm currently trying to broaden my horizons and leave Lubbock, and I look forward to meeting all of you along the way!

Jeff Langham

I left Lubbock in 1995 and put it in my rear view mirror (Mac Davis)! I still have family there. Good luck to you and I hope you leave there soon!

Eric Gilmartin

Hail, Allie, and welcome to you!

Allen Lynch

Welcome & Good Luck Allie!

James Drago

Welcome Allie.

Allie Maldonado

Thanks so much everyone!!:)

Kyle Climans

Welcome to Stage 32!

Myron DeBose

Sup Allie, unleash that inner actor and color the world in your art.

Amber Greenlee

I worked on a puppet show that had a joke about Lubbock once, and how far and out of the way it is. Beautiful bluebells though. Welcome to the stage.

Robert Franklin

HI Allie!

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