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Acting : Is height a problem? 6' 1" vs. 5' by Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

Is height a problem? 6' 1" vs. 5'

When you have co-star actors and one is 6' 1" and the other is 5', will that cause a problem when it comes to filming?

Chris Connell

Not neccessarily. Depends on if there's lots of "walk in park" scenes or scenes standing side by side. But good director can work around it otherwise. Tom cruise is super short. Cameron Diaz is super tall. Dustin Hoffman short. Candice Bergen tall. Etc. Its doable.

Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

Good to know. Thank you!

Dave McCrea

yes that is a huge difference.

Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

Dave, if you were faced with this problem, what would you do?

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