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Acting : Is it legal to work non union if you're SAG? by Christine Baker

Christine Baker

Is it legal to work non union if you're SAG?

What are the rules?

PJ Edwards

You can only work non union as an extra if your region isn't under SAG jurisdiction. That is only exception. But it's not against the law. lol You won't be facing jail time if you work off the card. You'll just lose your card or get fined.

JD Hartman

A question for your SAG rep.

Jake Pasley

I work mainly non union gigs, and a lot of the actors are SAG.

Ken Koh

No it's not illegal. If you ask SAG, they'll probably be discouraging. As a producer, I used to hire SAG actors all the time on my non union productions. I have never personally heard of anyone being kicked out of SAG for working non union. I think in the history of SAG there's one person who did get kicked out after something like the 100th time he was caught. Research Fi-Core or "financial core".

Steve James

As a SAG Actor you should be working on Union sanctioned projects, otherwise, who is going to pay your benefits?

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