Acting : Is the site legit? by G.R. Barnett

G.R. Barnett

Is the site legit?

Normally I wouldn't post here but I was applying for a voiceover gig there and every time I hit to apply button after submitting my info the little indicator would just spin and spin and never take me to the next step. They do not have a contact us page or anything so I was wondering if anyone from here had ever tried to submit anything there. Thanks! G.R.B.

Kelly Sherwood

Hi G.R., I,too, am a voice actor and recently got scammed big time. It wasn't from but who knows nowadays? You are right to question everything. I have not been working much since this happened to me, mostly because I'm scared and I'm having trouble trusting anyone in this business. Please let us know what you find out. good luck, Kelly

Samuel Kurnit

Looking at their site, they heavily endorse One Source Talent, which is a scam, so I'd be very wary with them. When in doubt, Google the name of the business and the word scam; you'll usually find the info you need that way.

G.R. Barnett

Thank you Samuel, I knew something was fishy about that ad. They said that Disney wanted voice talent for Finding Dory and I tried to upload a resume to their site and it wouldn't work and there wasn't any kind of contact info for them to ask questions so I figured it might've been a scam but I wanted to believe that people were good. :/ Woops. Well at least it was just a resume and not credit card information! Kelly, where did you get scammed? Feel free to message me privately if you're not comfortable talking about it publicly.

Kelly Sherwood

Hi G.R., I got a private invitation to do a job through a company that I am listed with. I have done many jobs through this company( it is a well-known company that sends you auditions after joining the site. It is totally legit and well respected.) so I was thrilled because they were offering a lot of money for the job. I said yes and followed their instructions. It is long and complicated but in the end I lost a lot of money. The job wasn't connected to that company after all. The company said that this sort of scam has happened to a number of people. Just a couple of days ago another person tried a similar scam through the same company. I did not respond to the request. I contacted the company instead. They wanted me to send them a screen shot of the email. I did and hopefully it will help catch this guy. It is embarrassing. Beware. Lesson learned. I am slowly getting back to auditioning more often but it's hard.

Jonathan Roberts

Do not pay anyone to represent you or to find casting notices.... unless from a reliable source

G.R. Barnett

OMG Kelly, I'm so sorry that happened to you. :(

Stephen Anthony Bailey

Sounds extremely shady. Anyone worth it won't have a year in their title. Sounds like they won't be around longer than a year, so they can run off with your $$$

G.R. Barnett

I admit I had my suspicions too when there was no 'contact us' link on the website. Most legit businesses have a contact us link, this one didn't. Also when I tried to upload a basic resume, it literally would not upload, but it had loads of people trying to connect with FB comments? I felt sorry for them. A lot of them were kids. :(

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