Acting : It's a no brainer: Put your REEL or Short Film on Smart TV by Dean Lach

Dean Lach

It's a no brainer: Put your REEL or Short Film on Smart TV

Here's a free way to get exposure.  If you're a "cord cutter" or Independent film lover, then you may have already watched Indie-made films and TV-shows on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other platforms.

A (free) way to get exposure for your film Reel and Short films that you have appeared in is to use the TV channels that you find on "Connected TV (CTV.)  CTV is the method that Netflix and Hulu use, and you can take advantage of it.

The following methods cost you nothing or almost nothing.  And they are ad-FREE, and (free to use) when you follow a few easy steps.

If you have a video that you would like to see stream on TV, there are two ways to do this:

1.) Visit - and you'll see a FilmFreeway link, just use the Free Trailer/Teaser entry for short form content, and for longer movies just email them for a fee waiver. This is not really geared towards Reels, so see #2.

2.) Visit their Patreon campaign and donate a buck or more:

It's just that easy, and you'll reach over 375,000 Subscribers on Fire TV, and about 600,000 Subscribers on Roku. The Android App is new, so I don't have allot of statistics yet.

**To Check Them out:

Go to their website OR You can search for the channels on Roku and Fire. has all the links. It's FREE to add the Roku channels and the Android App -- but really, you don't need to add the channels to take advantage of them.

Jonathan Hughes

Thank you for sharing!

Lewis Adler

Many thanks for the heads-up Dean. I had my ten minute show reel of scenes from my 2014 featured role in the BBC series "Casualty" taken down by YouTube a few weeks ago, apparently because it infringed copyright. Your recommendations above sound interesting. I'll check them out. Cheers Lewis.

Dean Lach

I'm sorry to hear that about Youtube. I'm curious if their content-ID system found the music or the visuals. Not that it matters for what I do. Movies Plus has more of a niche audience, and of course we don't monetize the content -- I hope to see your Reel.

Lewis Adler

Yeah, I was puzzled by their actions. How else is one supposed to promote one's work on YouTube I wonder? For example, I often watch YouTube clips by people who show newspaper cuttings and photos in their clips, and one in particular who's surrounded by top brand guitar amplifiers with their corporate logos in full view. It just doesn't add-up.

Dean Lach

From my experience Lewis, someone would have to Flag a video that features logos and news-articles. My understanding of the The content ID system is - it will find TV, Movie, and Music content (if) the owners have placed their original content into Youtube and then signed up for Content ID. So unfortunately some videos get Flagged for copyright violations automatically.

F.C. Lewis

Thanks for the info!

Dean Lach


Debbie Croysdale

@Dean Very user friendly share. KUDOS!

Dean Lach

Thank you Debbie.

Alpha Blair

Great to know! Thanks so much!

Dean Lach

Thank you Alpha.

Aaron Pacentine

that is great!

Dean Lach

Thank you Aaron!

McCoy Fiifi Johnson

That's pretty awesome! Thanks very much

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