Acting : Keep moving forward!! by David M. Tribuiani

Keep moving forward!!

Hi everybody. I started late this month, but am trying to post as much as I can the remainder of this month and going forward. I would like to believe everyone everyday is putting themselves out there and trying as hard as they can to achieve what they want within the arts. Whether it be acting,writing,production, or voice work and so on. Keep pushing forward because no matter what capacity, we are all in this together and each facet of the arts feeds the other till we all fire on all cylinders. Take pride with all that you do and enjoy every moment doing it. It can be a short, indie, or major production. Life is short and if you are fortuate enough to be part of anything it can create lasting memories and experiences that not everyone will have the pleasure of experiencing. There is something different about creatives, a fire that needs to be fed an insatiable desire to continually create. So keep going and let that fire burn strong and bright.

Melissa Willis

Right on! Thanks for posting this!

David M. Tribuiani

No problem. It is all from the heart and I am glad you liked it. Felt like I was babbling and was not getting my poit across. Thanks again.

Izzibella Beau

Well said, David.

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