Acting : LA or NY a necessity? by Rochelle Nichole

Rochelle Nichole

LA or NY a necessity?

Do you think you HAVE to be in LA or NY to really go anywhere with acting? I don't necessarily mean be big and famous - just to really get steady opportunities. I live in Michigan and while there used to be a decent flow of big budget movies filmed here...things have pretty much died. I've been having the hardest time finding legit independent films being shot in the area too. Thoughts?

Elisabeth Meier

I think your location doesn't matter at all. There are millions of filmmakers and theatre directors out there and all over the globe - just get in touch and show what you can. The more experience and international experience you can get the better for you and the sooner you'll climb the ladder of well payment. Should you move to one of these cities I bet you'll then will get offers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and you know all the areas better than I do... that is for granted. Hence, begin right there where you are. We are always at the right place if we live in the here and now. Be smart and build your network here with people in your area and not out of reach which doesn't make sense. The next steps in your career will come automatically by doing/working. Focus on and value what you have and always be grateful. Then, keep your dreams in mind but don't force anything. The universe will open ways you never thought of. Good luck!

Richard Gustason

I am with Shawn to an extent. But there is two side to this. With today's technology and the internet, you don't have to be in Los Angeles or New York to get things going. However there are a lot of people that could jump start your career in those places and if building a relationship is essential in entertainment, frankly the internet can only do so much. Being face to face with someone is still a pretty good route to go so it would be hard for someone, say, in Montana who wants to be a screenwriter gets a chance to meet with an exec, say, in New York. The internet is great but you really can't read someone from a computer conversation. So, at times, being in Los Angeles or New York may be essential to that person's career path. These are my opinions so...

Richard Gustason

And maybe Rochelle you can take this tidbit of advice if you like: create something to film in Michigan. If you have the right tools and have a script, doesn't matter if it's big budget or small, you can make something to film in Michigan. I think you can pull it off Rochelle.

Dan Ruth

Tons of TV is being filmed in North Carolina and Georgia.

Anthony J. Caruso

I just moved from LA to a smaller market (Austin) and have just returned to LA. Was I able to achieve success in the smaller market? Yes. I've been on primetime network TV more there than in LA. But I also had to turn to producing my own content to create opportunities. As a director/producer, it filled out my days more. To just act, unless if you want to do local theatre, you'll need to at least be willing to travel to other nearby smaller markets (Chicago, Ohio). I'm with Richard. Create something. Don't wait for other people to put you in things. Put yourself in things. You may make a few mistakes in the beginning, but you learn from them and you'll grow. I believe some of the best actors are great because they do production as well and they know more about the process.

Amanda Toney

Rochelle - Jessica Sitomer gave a really good webinar helping actors who live outside of LA network, I hope you find it useful!

Rochelle Nichole

Thank you all for your helpful thoughts, suggestions and comments!! I appreciate all the feedback! I always find it helpful to get insight from others in the field! :)

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